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Why You Should Apply For The Special Scholarship Program (SSP)

Why You Should Apply For The Special Scholarship Program (SSP)?

The Special Scholarship Program (SSP) was established in 2003 in order to support the development of advanced research at the university level through the contribution of highly capable doctoral students.

However, through the 3-year curriculum, Kochi University of Technology (KUT) provides comprehensive education in the multidisciplinary environment. Approximately 15 selected doctoral students are enrolled every year to work in specific research projects. Each student pursues a doctoral course in English while at the same time assisting his/her host professor in his/her research projects and receiving monthly payment in return for his/her contribution to the projects. This program is for those who have strong intention to engage in his/her research projects for the whole three years acquiring profound knowledge and skill and ability to become a full-fledged researcher, and aspire to satisfy the degree requirements accordingly. It is designed to help diligent and talented students with limited financial resources, especially foreign students from emerging countries, who are ready to devote themselves to the expected research and related studies for the coming three years so as to finally accomplish their academic goal.

Why You Should Apply For The Special Scholarship Program (SSP)

Entry: April and October

Medium of study: English

Number of students to be admitted: No more than 3 SSP students can be enrolled concurrently for each project leader. See the SSP project list for details of which projects currently have places available for SSP students.

Program of study: Doctoral program (3 years), Department of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering

Degree to be admitted: Doctor of Engineering or Doctor of Philosophy depending on the research field

Origin of SSP international students admitted

The origin of SSP international students admitted are; Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Latvia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Niger, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Senegal, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand, United States, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, etc.

Fields of Research Projects

  • Environmental Systems Engineering (Kami Campus)
  • Intelligent Mechanical Systems Engineering (Kami Campus)
  • Electronic and Photonic Systems Engineering (Kami Campus)
  • Information Systems Engineering (Kami Campus)
  • Infrastructure Systems Engineering (Kami Campus)
  • Economics and Management (Eikokuji Campus)

You can check the complete SSP Research Project List is here

SSP Completion Requirements

  • 3 years’ enrollment in a doctoral program at KUT
  • 10 or more doctoral course credits earned
  • Successful completion of the doctoral dissertation defense after receiving a preliminary assessment more than one year in advance of the defense.
  • Two or more papers in high level peer-reviewed journals, published at least two months before completion of the program; this is the basic requirement for holding a dissertation defense.

Benefits of SSP for Successful Applicants

The benefits of SSP for successful applicants are;

  1. Exemption from 30,000 yen entrance examination fee, 300,000 yen enrollment fee and 535,800 yen/year tuition fee
  2. To support living expenses, 150,000 yen/month is paid as salary for research project work.
  3. *You must pay some amount of taxes from this salary. See the details below.
  4. 150,000 yen is provided for travel and initial living costs (given only to international applicants who are living outside Japan).

SSP Support Systems

  1. English technical writing and research writing class will be given to first and second year doctoral students by a native English professor.
  2. Japanese language class will be provided for daily conversation and grammar.
  3. Tutors assist new international students with academic and daily life matters.
  4. Many types of Japanese cultural activities will be offered seasonally.
  5. International students can receive assistance in finding single accommodation.

SSP Accommodation

for Kami students

KUT International House in Kami campus was established as multicultural on-campus accommodation for KUT students. International students at Kami campus can enjoy this living-learning environment to develop a better understanding of Japanese culture through daily life with Japanese students if there is vacancy.

for Eikokuji students

International students at Eikokuji campus can receive assistance in finding accommodation from the Education Affairs Section.

Examples of monthly living expenses

for Kami students

Room fee (Shared kitchen)27,500 yen
Electricity fee2,500 yen
Food*40,000 yen
Income tax**2,000 yen
Resident tax**4,000 yen
National Health Insurance tax **5,000 yen
Other34,000 yen
Total Approx.115,000 yen


Entrance fee (30,000 yen) and common service fee (15,000 yen / half year) for International House are separately required.
*Cost for one meal is about 500 yen.
**Tax amount fluctuates from year to year. (It depends on your annual income in the previous year in Japan.) The above is just an average.

for Eikokuji students

Room fee40,000 yen
Utilities + Internet fee20,000 yen
Food45,000 yen
Income tax2,000 yen
Resident tax**4,000 yen
National Health Insurance tax **5,000 yen
Other34,000 yen
Total Approx.150,000 yen


The above estimate is based on the case you live in the apartment under the contract between KUT and real estate agency designated by KUT. You will be charged service fee around 80,000 yen to 100,000 yen before moving into the apartment. The rooms are equipped with a refrigerator, a microwave oven, TV set and a washing machine.
*Cost for one meal is about 700 yen.
**Tax amount fluctuates from year to year. (It depends on your annual income in the previous year in Japan.) The above is just an average.

Program Description 4: No visit to Japan required before beginning studies

Application and Admission Schedule

% Why You Should Apply For The Special Scholarship Program (SSP)

You can also check Special Scholarship Program (SSP) Application Guidelines for Prospective Students

Requirements and Eligibility for SSP Admission

Applicants are required to meet all of the following conditions:

  1. To have permission from the leader of the applicant’s preferred SSP project to apply for that project
  2. To hold a degree from an accredited institution comparable to the master’s degree offered at KUT after 18 years of education, or to be scheduled to acquire such a degree before the KUT enrollment date
  3. To be 35 years old or under at the time of enrollment, in principle
  4. To have an excellent academic record and strong bachelor’s and master’s degrees from reputable universities
  5. To have the intention, adequate knowledge and research skill to work in the research project
  6. To have high English proficiency

Official Website: https://www.kochi-tech.ac.jp/english/admission/


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