What are the things women want in a man

As a man trying to get a yes from that special, beautiful lady and you are finding difficulty getting a yes from her, it may be due to some reasons though. Hey, don’t worry, in this article I will share you some things women want in a man.

These tips aren’t only for those who are just about to start dating but also for those who are into a relationship.

Back to the question; What are the things women want in a man? Don’t worry, I’m not going to be myopic though, you can also check my article on what do men want in a woman? to know exactly what we men want before giving a nod to her.

Let me not deviate from the main discussion; what do women want in a man?

7 Basic Things Women Want in a Man

I can guarantee that these are the features women look for when they’re dating a man, or even what keeps the relationship going, with a smile on her face. Below are the features women really want in a man:

1. Confidence

When a man believes in himself, knows who he is, and what he really wants, it is very appealing to a woman.

Being confident means having or showing assurance and self-reliance according to Merriam Webster. Women respond to the positive and upbeat energy a confident man is putting out in the world.

It’s important to note the key distinction between having high self-esteem versus an over-inflated ego. While women want a man who is confident and self-assured, they don’t want a man who is overbearing, has to be the center of attention, and thinks he’s the most important person in the world.

2. Honesty & Trust

Women want a man that is honest, but don’t be too honest though. When it comes to important matters, a woman doesn’t like it when a man lies to her. She wants to know the things that are going on his life and she wants him to have trust in her. As far as she is concerned, they are one – his life is her life.

3. Safety

Women love a man that makes them feel safe. This doesn’t mean you should start picking fights up and down. There are different ways you can show a woman that she can feel safe or secure around you. And it’s not about being physical. Let’s say you take her out to dinner, and you see she’s cold. Offer her your jacket. Or if you don’t have one, just ask the waiter if he can turn down the AC. This shows that you care about the way she feels. Make sure you hold her hand or even have her walk in front of you while you hold her waist in a crowded area. Ask her if she’s feeling okay and having a good time.

Also, walking her to her door, or even calling her an Uber and walking her to the Uber and asking her to text you when she gets home is a way that you set the boundaries for a woman to feel safe. Let’s say she forgets. She gets home, gives you about an hour, never texts you. This is when you text her. Maybe she fell asleep, but guess what? The moment she wakes up, she’s going to see a text from you, asking if she got home okay. This shows a woman you take control of her safety. Hope you understand now.

4. Respect

In order to have a healthy, happy, and successful relationship, both partners have to treat each other with respect. If a woman feels taken for granted, dispensable, or treated poorly by a man, she’ll likely drop him in order to avoid a broken heart.

5. Feeling Important

Women want to feel important to their man, she want to be the number one. Tell her and show her you love her. You do this by involving her in things with your life, like work, your friends, family. Not only are you telling her, but you’re showing her too. She feels important when you’re including her in your life and you want her to be a part of it.

6. Appearance

This isn’t just about making things look good on the outside. When a woman sees that you can dress well and you take the time to pay attention to details, so show up and be presentable, it shows a woman that you’re capable of paying attention to the details. That if you put care into how you present yourself, how you carry yourself, that same attention to detail and use of care and awareness is going to also be used in a relationship.

7. Communication

Communication is a vital key when it comes to relationships.

Women, at least high-value women, look for a man that when there is a disagreement, he is able to address it with compassion and communication, where you both look for a solution instead of just trying to be right.

Even if you have a hectic day and you don’t want to talk, because I know, we’ve all been there, this is when affection comes in. Just hug her, and kiss her, and tell her you love her. Tell her you had a hard day and you’re happy to see her. These are the things she is going to remember. I can guarantee you she will have a hot meal on that plate in no time. And if you’re lucky, maybe even a back rub.


So many times I hear guys saying, “women are complicated, they want too much” and it’s really simple, guys. Women just want you to be you but confident with yourself. Loving yourself. Loving your life. Not feeling like you need a person to complete you or that you’re putting your emotions and sense of self-worth on her or the relationship. Basically, a woman wants the same things that you want because don’t you want a woman who loves herself and values herself and loves her life, too?

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