Watch the video of OAU porter beating an OAU student

In a circular released by the Division of Students’ Affairs (DSA), OAU, it was said that a student named Sumbade Saudiq was trying to force himself inside one of the halls of residence when he couldn’t provide a means of Identity when asked by the porter on duty, in the release made by the DSA; Sumbade abused, insulted and assaulted the porter on duty.

Sumbade Saudiq has released a statement on Facebook, countering the statement made by the university DSA, he wrote;

RE: I’m writing this with grief and sorrow from my heart after reading the response of the Division of Students’ Affair(DSA) on the incident that happened yesterday afternoon 4th of June 2021, where I was mercilessly beaten and brutalized by an Awo Hall porter.

The rejoineder is that I was truly beaten with a pipe by the hall worker, I was begging in the course of the molestation, I don’t in anyway ‘abuse’ or ‘assault’ the man in question. What I did was that I asked a genuine question of why can’t I access the hall during the visiting hour.

I didn’t forcefully entered the hall but was waiting for the man I came to visit outside. I was unaware of any information concerning critarias to enter Awo Hall nowadays for I was used to entering the hall at visiting hour uninterrupted, traditionally. It was for the fact that I asked question of why some guys were kneeling down in a citadel like this (for I met some guys kneeling there) and ‘ask why can’t I enter’ that annoyed the porters and made them carry me to their corner for beating.

Right now I felt cheated and helpless in addition to the pain from several internal and external injuries I suffered yesterday.

By Tunde Sumbade.

(Video As Evidence Attached below after the image)

Watch video below;

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