Vtuking Review: Is Vtuking legit?

With our Vtuking review, you will be able to know if Vtuking is a trusted platform for buying and selling of recharge cards, paying of utility bills, electronic vending of Data Bundles, recharge card printing, etc.


We are an integrated payment solutions company, driven by innovative technology and systems to provide a wide range of value-added services to customers. With leading edge technology, brilliant customer support, well-equipped service team and world class VAS solutions, we are perfectly suited for the market requirements and needs.
We studiously build solutions that allow you to make payment for diverse VTU services seamlessly.

VTUking is a Recharge and Bills payment platform with which you can make convenient payments for your day to day services like Airtime, Recharge printing and Affordable Data bundle subscription (MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, Glo); Cable TV subscription such as DTSV, GOTV, Startimes; Electricity bills (PHCN) – Ikeja Electric (IKEDC), Abuja Electric (AEDC), Port-Harcourt Electric(PHED), Eko Electric (EKEDC), Jos Electric (JEDplc), Kano Electric (KEDCO), Educational payments (WAEC).

Vtuking Mission: Empower small business owners to be more efficient and profitable by deploying our transaction solutions at their businesses.

Vtuking Core Values:

  • Innovations: We bring new ideas that will advance the organization’s competitive position.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Respect for our clients and stakeholders by delivering reliable services.
  • Security: We think data and process. We think security.
  • Integrity: Integrity in all our interactions; what we say and do are in alignment.
  • Excellence: To be outstandingly good at what we do.

RC Number: 2602299

How To Make Money on VTUKING

You can make money with Vtuking by following the steps below;

VTUKing is the best way to earn extra income from anywhere in the country as a financial agent.

  1. Visit their website
  2. Sign up with your phone number to set up an agent account.
  3. Fund your wallet with your debit card, USSD or make a bank transfer.
  4. Perform transactions using your wallet and make profits.
  5. OR
  6. Participate in their Referral earning program.

You can also download their app and follow the steps from second one to get started.

What does Vtuking offers

1. Airtime & Recharge card printing

  • GLO
  • 9 Mobile
  • MTN
  • Airtel

2. Electricity Bill Payments (Prepaid/Postpaid)

  • AEDC Pre-Paid
  • PHED
  • JOS Electricity

3. PayTv

  • GoTV
  • DSTV
  • StarTimes

4. Internet Subscriptions

  • Smile
  • Spectranet

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vtuking secure?

VTUking is not secure, convenient, automated and rewarding.
Our 24×7 Customer Care is always there to assist you as they said, but it is a lie.

Is Vtuking Legit?

NO, Vtuking is 99.99% not legit

How does Vtuking Wallet system work?

As an End-user, you may load your wallet and subsequently buy airtime from the wallet balance for ease of planning and payment. As a Reseller or Business you must load your wallet to enable you earn commission on airtime, data sales and all of our products. To load your wallet, click Fund account from your VTUKing dashboard, then load wallet and follow the simple steps. You can save your card on our fully secured and encrypted environment, so that you will not have to input your 16/19-digit PAN number for subsequent transactions.

Are there minimum or maximum amounts that can be paid on Vtuking?

The minimum recharge threshold on VTUKing is N50 and a maximum limit as defined by each service. The maximum limits for Bill payments and fund transfers is as defined by your bank and can be adjusted by personal request to the bank.

What types of cards can I use to make payment on VTUKing?

You can make payment for all transaction types using Naira MasterCard, Visa or Verve card . The card can be a Debit/Pre-paid/Credit Card.

Do I need any paperwork/documentation to register on VTUKing as End-user or Agent?

No. You don’t need any paper work to register as an End-User or Agent. All you need do is select which category of user you want to belong. All registration is done and completed once.

How do I reset or change my password on Vtuking?

Click on the “Reset/Change password” link on the home settings page and follow the instructions given.

Why can’t I log into my Vtuking account?

Check your internet connection; Check your Phone Number and Password; Use “Forgot Password” if you have cannot remember the previous one; If you still have trouble accessing your account, please send a mail to info@vtuking.ng

Who is the owner of Vtuking?

The name of the owner of Vtuking is Joseph Ibezim.

Vtuking is under which organisation?

Vtuking is under Xtrahola Concept

Does Vtuking have a mobile app?

Yes they do have a mobile app

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