Types Of Classmates You Might Meet In Nigeria Universities, Polytechnics Or Colleges

There are different types of classmates you might meet in Nigeria universities, polytechnics or colleges, moreover, Nigeria universities admit thousands of strangers across the country and even abroad. In your first year, you will definitely meet these strangers. These are the people you’re going to be spending the next four to seven years within university as classmates. They’re going to be your friends, family and your foe. So the question is, what kind of strangers are you going to be stuck with? It is better you get to know your classmates immediately when you start classes so that they won’t take you by surprise.

Different Types Of Classmates You Might Meet In Nigeria Universities, Polytechnics Or Colleges

Let’s look at the different classmates you might find in Nigeria universities or colleges or polytechnics as the case may be;

1. The annoying genius

He or she is the potential first-class student. On the first day of resumption, he lobbies around, doing everything within his power to become the class rep. He wants the power and privileges associated with being the class rep. He is going to be the most talkative. He is going to try to suck up to the lecturers, try to win their favours. He is never going to shut up in class if he doesn’t make class rep. He is going to constantly belittle his classmates, make them feel as if they’re not on the same level as he is. He will snitch and betray the class in his lame efforts to please the lecturers.

2. The noise-maker

This type of classmate is the life of the class. The comedian or comedienne. He or she brings joy and sometimes anger whenever she enters. She talks without filters. She speaks anyhow. You may try to hate her but you’ll always laugh at her jokes.

3. The clique

There’s always a clique of high-flying girls sticking together in class. They know their worth; they don’t think the rest of the class belongs in their category so they band together. They only associate with the rest when they need help. They’re rarely in school; they’re in the big boys and big girls. Except there’s nothing big about being an annoying pretentious snob.

4. The rich kid

Her parents are rich or hold a big position in the Nigerian government. But she is humble, unlike the clique. She mingles with the class. She is loved. Sometimes, she’s not but she’s smart and kind. She drives expensive cars, has security and lives in the expensive lodges. Everyone will rally around her trying to be her friend for social currency. This kind is rare to find these days. Not every class will have this kind of classmate.

5. The far-sighted introvert

We don’t really know if she’s long-sighted or if that’s an excuse she uses to escape to the back of the class. She ALWAYS sits at the back. She is hiding from the world. She rarely speaks in class. She agrees with everything even she doesn’t like it because she can’t open her mouth to say her mind.

6. The trouble maker

During class meetings, he is always causing trouble. He is well-known. He’s the stubborn activist. He doesn’t care about anybody’s statusquo. He’ll go against the school’s VC without fear of the consequences.

7. The Don

He is the oldest student in the class and therefore is always demanding for his respect. He expects everyone to treat him like the baba he is. He can be a bully too sometimes, especially when he realises that nobody cares about his age.

8. The poor student

That student that rarely changes her wardrobe. She battles with low self-esteem because she never thinks she belongs. She’s always begging for help to pay her tuition. But she’s a die-hard. She never quits. She suffers but she is determined to finish school. She can be inspiring when she’s not thinking so low of herself.

9. The Lovebirds

Awww the class lovers! From their first year, they’ve been dating. They make others swoon with jealousy. They bring their fights to class sometimes. When they’re not talking to each other, the entire class will know. They follow each other around like shadows. We all know them. They help each other out. They have each other’s back.

10. The Ghost

You know the name but you don’t know the face. This one rarely shows up to class but somehow he submits all the assignments and writes all the tests and exams.

Mostly, the types of classmates depend on one’s personality and set priorities. The most important thing is to know that these people are your family. There will be occasional fights and squabbles. That’s what family does but know that in the end, you’ve got their backs and they’ve got yours.

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