Twitter Now Supports Full-sized Image Upload, No More Crop!

Twitter seems to have frequently introduced a new feature to its social media platform. After they brought support for uploading photos with 4K resolution, now they are bringing another interesting update which is the “No More Crop” update as I fondly call it.

Twitter Now Supports Full-sized Image Upload, No More Crop!

Recently, It is known that Twitter users on iOS and Android can upload photos with a size or aspect ratio of more than 16:9 without crop restrictions.

For those of you who don’t know, before now Twitter users on iOS and Android have been forced to cut the photos they want to upload if the ratio is longer than 16:9. Even though there are many smartphones that come with longer screen ratios.

Of course, this helps Twitter users, especially those who want to upload photos to be used as wallpaper, so that all the content in the photo is clearly visible.

Previously, Twitter had tested this update last month where there were users who were able to upload long-sized images without having to crop them.

Now many hope that Twitter can provide support for uploading videos with high resolution and also features to determine the quality of the video resolution displayed in the application.

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A lot of users have now been using the No More Crop features, check them out below;

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