The Types Of Roommates You Will Find In Nigeria Universities

There are different types of roommate you will find in Nigeria universities, well unless your family is the buoyant type that can afford to rent a room for you off-campus, you will probably share a room with both strangers and friends alike. However, the thing about friends sometimes is that: You might love them and be compatible with them when you are not living together but when you move in together, you will find out, how incompatible you both are. Sometimes, friends can’t live together because of the varying differences in their lifestyles. Finding the perfect roommate(s) is harder than you think. Although, people are not perfect; we all have our mistakes or flaws. The way we live differs from the way someone else lives so, in many ways, there’ll be clashes between roommates and the clashes are almost inevitable.

The Types Of Roommates You Will Find In Nigeria Universities

Here are the types of roommates you will find on campus

There are different types of roommates you will find in Nigeria universities. The hostels can be like scenes from Nollywood movies riddled with various, sometimes amusing, or annoying characters. Check out the types of roommates you will find in Nigeria universities:

1. The Bookworm

A bookworm is someone that likes books, this is a type of roommate that resides in the university library. His/her daily routine is from hostel to school to library/night class then back to the hostel. You’d think living with him/her will be no problem until she starts judging you for not being “serious” enough with your studies. And if he/she’s a final year student? Bigger problem because he/she’ll expect everyone around him/her to be more like him/her. It’s all about books and books and high CGPA for him/her. It’s really annoying.

2. The Beggi-beggi roommate

This type of roommate does not ever have everything she needs for school even when he/she has everything. This type of roommate is so stingy with his/her belongings but expects everyone around him/her to help him/her out always. They’re the type that buys only raw rice and begs for every other thing needed to cook the rice. Their begging skills are topnotch and puts Adaku from Jenifa’s diary to shame. They’re the experts in begging. Best to avoid these kinds of people. Set them straight from the beginning; let them know that you are not interested in charity cases.

3. The dirty roommate

Living with people like this is a hassle. They mess up the room and leave for class. Their period blood stains the bed-sheets and they don’t bother changing the sheets. They use the toilet without flushing it properly. Fighting with them is a waste of time because they never learn. It’s just the way they’re built.

4. The one with the weird cooking recipes

This type of roommates fills your room with weird smells coming from her cooking pot. You can never understand the kind of food she he/cooks. It tastes weird, it smells weird. It makes you wanna runoff from your room every time he/she starts cooking.

5. The one with lots of male/female visitors

He/she doesn’t care that it’s a ladies room. This type of roommate always invites his/her numerous male/female friends over. You might be coming out from the bathroom with only your short, pink towel tied around your chest and there’s one of his/her female/male friend sitting inside the room as if he/she is just waiting for you. You start wondering how to wear your clothes in front of the man/woman. It’s annoying. Of course, he/she’ll deflect and tell you it’s not a big deal. This type of roommate is so insensitive.

6. The shameless thief

From your shoes, bags, foodstuffs, water, toothpaste, money, etc., nothing is safe from this kind of roommates. They steal everything, they’re after all klepto; they can’t help it. They take everything without permission. They are such a nuisance. Best avoid them.

7. The religious brother/sister

These are the deeper life, born again brothers/sisters in the lord that will frustrate your life if you don’t believe in their ridiculous church policies. You’ll spend a lot of significant amount of time arguing with them why wearing trousers and fixing nails are simple, innocent gestures. They won’t change your mind; you won’t change theirs so why bother? You’ll learn how to put up with their constant judging and try to hide your real self from them so as to be left alone.

8. The one who is never around

This one is proper Ijele (waka traveler). This type of roommate is always on the move and never ever around. He/she shows in once in a blue moon, probably to carry more of his/her stuff and disappear again. This type of roommate is the least troublesome. You don’t have to worry about him/her.

9. The one that is always trying to change you

Introverts find it harder to fit into the society. If you prefer staying at home, there’ll always be that extrovert roommate trying to change you, to get you to become more “fun”. He/she’s always forcing you to long night parties and setting you up with him/her “fu*k-boy” friends. Between this kind of roommate and the religious types, I don’t know who is more annoying.

10. The wahala type of roommate

This one is just plain irritating. It’s always one trouble or the other with him/her. This type of roommate is always looking for ways to start a fight. He/she’s always fighting. It’s in his/her blood, it gives him/her some sort of oxygen. The best way to deal with someone like this is to move out. Unless you can match his/her “madness”, please move out.

To effectively share spaces with any kind of roommate, it’s important some ground rules are set first. Rules help keep everyone in check. If you don’t want your things to be touched without your permission, say so. If you don’t want to be bothered by 2. am to open the door for your drunken, party-obsessed roommate, say so. Communicate your feelings; storing them inside you will make them fester. Let your rage and dissatisfaction out. Don’t hesitate to complain to whoever’s in charge of the hostel/or house when your roommates step out of the line. Know that you’d have to compromise at some point. Life is all about compromises. Finally, your roommate doesn’t have to be your best friends; you just need to be decent enough to put up with all her excesses.

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