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The Long Wait: Chapter 9

% The Long Wait: Chapter 9

Chapter 9

An hour later she was on the verge of passing out, tired and weak, but she was so close to home and that was her consolation.

“Kemi!” She heard someone call out her name or was she hallucinating?
“Kemi!!” She heard again, this time louder.
She was in no mood to talk to anyone.
She ignored the voice and kept walking.

Moments later she felt a tap on her shoulder, she reluctantly turned around to see who it was.

It was Sandra, her friend that works in the shop down the street

“Girl!! I’ve been screaming your name for minutes now, why didn’t you answer me, you look really pale and distraught, what’s up with that? And what’s that smell?” Sandra moved to sniff her clothes and Kemi retreated from her

“Ummm…..I’m really tired…. can we talk some other time….” Kemi said and turned to leave

“No, you won’t use that tone on me, no way, not today. Let’s go sit inside for some minutes. You could really use some water and I mean that literally and figuratively” Sandra smiled

“You mean I stink” Kemi stated

“No, I just mean you could really use some water” Sandra said, smiling some more.

The sarcasm in her voice was apparent. Kemi knew she was really a sight to behold.

Her whole world has felt obliterated today. She had woken up in a gloomy mood, gotten hopeful when she received the phone call from Tolani about a job interview, hours later she had sank into another gloomy episode, worse than the one she had woken up with.

“Hello, snap out of it” Sandra interrupted her thoughts
Kemi frowned and grudgingly accepted to go with Sandra.
Moments later Kemi was eating and drinking, thanks to Sandra.

“Feel better now?” Sandra asked. She sounded genuinely concerned

“Yes I do, thanks loads, it’s more than appreciated….I’ve had a really long day” Kemi’s voice sounded shaky.

She really felt like sleeping.

“Sorry, you’ll be fine. Relax then we can talk.

Would you like to shower and change out of your clothes?” Sandra gave her a look that said she couldn’t stand the smell any longer

“I would love to, but I have nothing to wear if I do.. So I’d just go home and do that.

Thanks for all this, can’t express how grateful I am” Kemi got up to leave

“Ehm, sit back down… don’t rush.” Sandra prompted her “You could have these new ones I bought from a woman today, it’s your lucky day because she passes here everyday and tries to make me buy some , but I don’t. Today for some reason I was interested in buying. Sandra added.

“Today is her lucky day”

Kemi thought of the irony in Sandra’s statement, the day has been anything but lucky for her. It’s been the direct antithesis of that.

She felt a pain in her chest, unwilling to recount the events of the day.

“I wouldn’t want to bother you” Kemi said finally

“It’s not a bother… Why are we friends?”

Sandra’s rhetorical question was followed by silence

“Okay, thank you again…” Kemi smiled

“Yaaay, is that a smile I see there? We’re making progress” Sandra clapped her hands together.

Kemi grinned in response, she was a little relieved she won’t have to go home looking like that.

“Use the bathroom on your left, on the way to the backyard” Sandra told her

“Okay” Kemi nodded

“Oh and do take your time” Sandra teased

Kemi understood what she meant and gave her a hand gesture that was followed by laughter.

Kemi made her way to the bathroom, feeling slightly lighter. Food would do that to a person, she thought to herself.

She could really use a listening ear right now and Sandra seemed like the ideal person to talk to.


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