The Long Wait: Chapter 8

Chapter 8

“Fraccck!” Kemi screeched as she alighted from the bus, entering into the heavy rain, she immediately felt a cold chill down her spine and remained frozen on the spot. She looked round in search of shelter, but there was none in sight, she tried to force her legs to run, but failed woefully so she walked briskly as the rain poured down on her with anger.

She soon found a bench in front of a closed shop and heaved a sigh of relief, she walked towards it and sat , shivering from the cold. She wrapped her arms around herself like that would make a difference. Her clothes were drenched already. She tried to rub her palms together for warmth, but didn’t get the desired result. She gave up trying and sat still, cold and weak.

A young girl holding an umbrella appeared in front of Kemi a while later, she looked shocked when she saw Kemi and almost tripped when she took a step backwards too quickly.

Kemi told her sorry and was about to ask if the shop belonged to her mother, but the little girl had already vanished out of view.

Kemi knew she must be an ironically wonderful sight to behold with her tousled hair and dirty clothing and pondered if her dishevelled appearance had scared the young girl away or it was just the shock of seeing an unknown person in front of the shop that most likely belongs to her mother or someone else she is familiar with.

Kemi imagined her running home to report what she had seen and they’d return with her to see for themselves.

Hopefully the rain would have subsided by then and Kemi would have been gone, but the lightning in the sky said otherwise.

She rummaged through her wet bag in search of her phone, but found the fifty naira note she thought she had misplaced earlier on while she was getting chased. She beamed with happiness. She could afford to get a tricycle home for the remainder of her journey.

She smiled to herself, ecstatic about her discovery. Her phone was switched off so she had no idea what the time was and with the cloudy weather it was hard to guess the time.

Her throat felt dry and she needed to get water soon.
She would have to share an umbrella with anyone she sees.

Like an answered prayer a young boy in his late teens walked past, he looked impatience, but Kemi decided to try her luck, she quickly grabbed her bag and ran after him

“Excuse me! wait” She panted

He turned around with a frown that slowly dissolved into a smile when he saw her.

“Sorry for disturbing you, I need to get water so I can please walk with you to the nearest shop?” She pleaded

“Ok” He said simply

She thanked him earnestly and got under the umbrella with him. He smiled sheepishly while they walked, making Kemi wonder what was amusing him.

When they got to the shop , Kemi thanked him and hurriedly asked for pure water.

“It’s bottle water we have” The attendant answered
“How much?” Kemi asked disappointed
“Fifty naira” The attendant told her
Fifty naira was all she had left on her.

She planned on using it for tricycle home, so it was either the water or the tricycle. She had to make a choice fast.

She felt like she was hibernating already so she chose the water to revive herself a bit.

She gulped it down her throat within few seconds, water had never tasted so good.

She was still not sated and wanted more water, but that would have to wait till she gets home.

She had already spent her last fifty naira on water.

She turned to leave and the boy was still standing there.

“You’re here. Where are you headed?” She asked him, the rain was still dropping hard

“Anywhere you’re going” He responded

“Huh?” She pretended not to have heard him

“Nothing. You can have my umbrella. My friend stays in that house” He pointed at a turquoise coloured house.

“No, I can’t possibly do that-” Kemi began, but was cut short

“Don’t refuse. You look like you need the umbrella more anyway” He smiled “I’ve already gotten to my destination, but I assume you haven’t gotten to yours, so don’t worry, but if you feel the need to return the umbrella then you can leave it with the person at this shop, I would surely get it” He added

“That’s appreciated, I’ll be sure to return it. Do take care” She smiled at him as she walked away.


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