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The Long Wait: Chapter 7

% The Long Wait: Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Like magic it was unreal.

The almajiri girl stormed off, picked up a bowl and walked back towards Kemi.

Kemi noticed the content of the bowl was yellowish in colour and wondered what the girl was doing with it. The girl moved closer to Kemi and she saw that the pale yellowish liquid in the bowl was pee.

Kemi took a step backward and the almajiri girl charged at her with the bowl of pee. Kemi ran as fast as her as her legs could carry her and the almajiri girl followed suit.

It was a frantic chase and Kemi fell into a small gutter. She quickly got up and looked back, the girl had stopped chasing after her with the bowl of pee thankfully.

Kemi had little strength to go any further, so she sat on a stool she found, trying to catch her breath. She was a pitiful sight, soaked in a pool of her own sweat and gutter water.

She had misplaced one of the fifty naira notes while running away from the bowl of pee.

She would have to walk halfway before she can get a bus that’ll accept fifty naira from her.

When she felt slightly better she started her journey on foot, ignoring the judgy looks of some people she walked past. She quickened her pace when she saw the lightning in the sky.

It might start to rain anytime now. When she was halfway, she stopped a bus that was going in her direction

“You get change?” The conductor asked

“Na fifty naira I get oh” Kemi told him pronto

“Oya enter” He told her

She boarded the bus and sat on the nearest empty seat, she remembered the almajiri girl and wondered why she ran away from her when she could have just kicked the bowl of pee aside or cautioned her sternly not to pour it. What if the girl had refused and poured it? She made up many scenarios in her head that could have been better than her taking to her heels. The thought of someone or many people’s pee on her body repulsed her so she came to a conclusion that running from her was the best thing she could have done in that unexpected moment.

She sighed heavily and stared out the window.

She heard someone clearing throat and noticed a passenger had taken a seat beside her. After a while he held his nose intermittently and Kemi knew she was the reason.

She had fallen into a gutter earlier and couldn’t wait to get home and get cleaned up.

She was too embarrassed to meet his gaze.

“Sister nawa for you oo, only you dey smell soakaway and gutter at the same time”

Kemi uttered no statement to that. She could only imagine how much she was stinking.

She was sorry someone beside her had to endure that smell.

The passenger went on and on about the discomfort he was facing.

“Conductor, abeg I wan change seat” He complained

The conductor obliged his request and the driver parked so he could have a change of seat.

Kemi was glad his ordeal was over, he would stop complaining.

To kemi’s chagrin, he turned to the person seated beside and narrated what he had to deal with, the whole time he was seated beside Kemi. They chatted like she wasn’t there and she heard them laugh and tried not to focus on their conversation.

She felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around . It was the person that’s been making a mockery of her, same person that was formerly seated beside her.

“Aunty I dey sell perfume, cheap ones wey you fit afford, if you want” He chuckled

“Why don’t you try using it for your breath first” Kemi hissed

There was a few muffled laughter which Kemi ignored. She just couldn’t wait to get down, but the evening traffic wasn’t easing up.

While staring out the window, she saw a billboard that read “Stop choosing what isn’t choosing you”

She tried to apply that to her situation, remembering how Tolani had called her out of the blue that morning, giving light to her dark tunnel.

Everything had gone downhill, making Kemi ponder if she was choosing something

that wasn’t choosing her or maybe she was just overthinking things. She chose to go with the latter. It was more logical.

The rain started suddenly with force and she was slightly happy she was still in the bus which provided shelter from the rain.

She watched the rain drops slid down the window and immediately felt shriveled inside of her.


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