The Long Wait: Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Kemi walked without stopping, eager to get away from what became another disappointment to her. The awful feeling never hurt less each time.

She got on the first bus she came across and thought of nothing. She was angry at the waste of transportation. It had all been for nothing.

As much as she tried to divert her thoughts from what had happened, she couldn’t help but ponder on it.

Lost in thought, she didn’t notice the bus had gone past her bus stop until it was almost too late. She screamed out to the driver to stop.

“Why you no talk since? I no fit park for here”

He said angrily, in the manner that was common with many bus drivers

Kemi knew she would have to walk all the way back and didn’t wish for the bus to move further away

“Abeg stop na!” she pleaded frantically

He stopped too abruptly and she lost her balance and landed on a small almajiri girl on the roadside.

“Oh my God! are you alright?” She panicked

The bus driver sped off, leaving her to handle it on her own.

The almajiri girl winced in pain, Kemi couldn’t decipher what she was saying in Hausa, but she could imagine it wasn’t anything pleasant.

“I’m sorry, are you injured or in pain?”

Kemi inspected her fully to make sure hadn’t inflicted any injury on her.

Fully satisfied with her inspection, she dusted the dirt off the almajiri girl and helped her look for the other leg of her slippers which wass nowhere in sight. She found the slippers beneath a parked bus and handed it over to her.

“Are you in any kind of pain?” Kemi asked again

The almajiri girl stretched out her hand in response.

“What? Your hand hurts?” Kemi asked while inspecting it. The little girl looked infuriated

“Give me money” she said.

“Oh. . . Sorry” Kemi responded ignorantly

She searched her bag for money to give her and she realized she had just hundred naira left with her. Two fifty naira notes, thankfully.

She stretched out her hand to give the girl one of the notes and she looked furious

“Two of them” The girl requested

“You want two of them, I should give you hundred naira?”

The almajiri girl nodded in response and Kemi was shocked. Hundred naira was the last money she had and giving her the whole thing would make her penniless. She wouldn’t even be able to afford pure water and she was really thirsty.

“This is all I have and all I can afford to give is half of it. We would split it equally is that fine by you?” Kemi urged

“Hundred naira” The girl insisted. Kemi was having none of that.

“By giving you this fifty naira , I’m going to have to trek for the remainder of my journey, so requesting for the whole thing is a bit selfish don’t you think? If I had more money I would gladly give you, so let’s do this-when next I pass I’d give you another fifty naira”

Kemi said as explanatory as she could be. The girl looked even more pissed and her next action stunned Kemi.


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