The Long Wait: Chapter 5

Chapter 5

A group of people were coming out of the building and Tolani was one of them. To say she was ecstatic is an understatement, she was overjoyed. She stood up happily and ran towards them

“Tolani!!” She called out with excitement

“Ah, Kemi why are you just coming?” Tolani asked looking pissed

“No, I can explain, I came across some hurdles on the way… It all started with traffic and I tried calling you and it wasn’t connecting-”

“What do you mean? these people with me came from the same route as you so why didn’t they complain about traffic?” Tolani interrupted her

“You don’t understand, I got here eventually and the security man wouldn’t let me in” Kemi explained

“Yes, he was given the instruction not to allow anyone in past 9am, you were obviously late and that’s why you weren’t allowed in” Tolani hissed

“You know I’m very punctual and would never be late for no reason” Kemi tried to make her see reason

“Do I? Maybe you’re not the Kemi I used to know. The Kemi I know would be the first to get here, she wouldn’t be coming up with such excuses” Tolani was non empathetic to Kemi’s surprise, she wondered why Tolani was acting that way towards her.

Kemi tried explaining a few more times, but was cut short by Tolani

“You didn’t even give me a time frame, the whole thing was impromptu and I came here as soon as you called me, the security man also said he didn’t know anyone called Tolani. I don’t get why you’re sounding this way” Kemi was indignant

“I’m known by my middle name here. I’ve mentioned that to you” Tolani shrugged

“No, you haven’t…I’m not forgetful so I’d definitely remember” Kemi said to her

“Oh, but this just proves you’re forgetful because I’m pretty certain I’ve mentioned it”

The other people around were having a swell time watching the exchange of words between them.

“I’m not here to argue Tolani, can we move on and talk about the job?” Kemi was tired already

“So I’m the one that’s here to argue? clearly that’s what you’re insinuating”

“You know what it’s fine, thanks for nothing” Kemi concluded

“You’re welcome, next time when you’re asked to show up somewhere, show up on time or no one would take you seriously. I expected more from you because I understand your frustration of being jobless, who else should jump at this opportunity if not you? Seeing as you’ve toiled for years without nothing to show for it”

Kemi was taken aback and walked away from the little crowd that was starting to form.

“Ma…………” The security man called out from behind her, but she didn’t turn around and walked as fast as she could, away from sight.
Defeated and dejected.


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