The Long Wait: Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Patience is a virtue, Kemi constantly reminded herself while she sat down waiting. She was so pressed and needed to use the toilet.

She turned her gaze to the security man and saw him dozing off. Dang, she would really hate to wake him up. She had little choice at this point. Her bowel needed some release.

She studied him for a few moments, detesting being an intruder.

As luck would have it he jerked awake like someone being chased.

“Yes, what is it?” He snapped

“I wan piss” Kemi said

“So you sabi speak pidgin, you con dey blow grammar since” He gave her a wry look and directed her somewhere.

She thanked him and bolted away

“You sure say you no go come back tomorrow like this?” He asked her when she returned

“No, I’ve come this far, I can’t afford to leave” Kemi was unyielding, she was determined to see this through. She wouldn’t miss this opportunity for anything

“Anyone you like, if you want pure water I have” He offered

“Thank you, but no” She politely declined

“Ok, you don call the number again?”

“Yes, still the same reply” Kemi explained

“That one hard oh” He looked away , shaking his head. Kemi redialed the number again for the hundredth time, it was busy. At least the phone was finally back on, that’s a good news. She turned to inform the security man of the improvement and saw him dozing off again.

She wondered how he could snooze and unsnooze so effortlessly. He must have had a lot of practice. Kemi smiled and continued to dial Tolani.

A young man came through the gate, tapping the security man awake

“Na your wife be this? What’s she doing here?” He pointed at Kemi

“Oga she dey find person” He answered

“Who is that?” He gave Kemi a scrutinizing look

“She say na one Ms Tolani” the security man told him

“Has she called the person?” He asked the security man

“I’m right here so you direct the questions to me, I’m here for an interview and I was given this address and yes I’ve called her countless times, but it’s been unreachable”

“Right, there’s truly an interview here” the young man nodded in agreement “who is your referral?” He added

“Tolani. But like I told the security, she might be using a different name here” Kemi said to him

“Oh, I don’t know anyone by that name, wait here let me go in and ask, I’ll be back soon” He promised.

Soon must mean something different, Kemi thought, because an hour had passed slowly and he still hadn’t returned.

What a day, she sighed.

She was starting to get hungry, but she couldn’t afford to buy anything, she remembered the pure water the security man had offered her earlier and requested it from him. He gave it to her with a smile and she thanked him wholeheartedly.

The young man soon returned, regretting to inform her he had forgotten to ask about Tolani

“It skipped my mind, got so busy when I got in”

“Ok, could you kindly go back in and ask ?” Kemi suggested to him

“No, I can’t. I have to run an errand urgently. I don’t mind dropping you off somewhere though” He beckoned on her to follow him

“Umm, no I’ll wait here… thank you, you said it yourself there’s an interview going on, so I wouldn’t want to lose my opportunity” Kemi said quietly

“Your choice then, I’ll be back soon, so if you’re still here I’ll try not to forget your request this time” He smiled

“That’ll be appreciated” she tried to force a smile, but failed. The last time he had said he’d be back had turned out to be the opposite of soon.

He nodded at the security man and left.

Kemi was tired of sitting down, she was starting to feel fatigued and she needed to be sharp for the interview.

“I want to briefly take a stroll” She told the security man

“Ok” He said without looking up, he was focused on the groundnuts he was peeling.

“Wait you know anywhere for here?” He quickly asked

“No, I’m not going far…just need to stretch my legs”

He dismissed her and went back to peeling his groundnuts

She walked down the road, looking at the buildings, she might as well familiarize herself a little with vicinity, just incase it all works out for her. She greeted a few people on the way and skimmed through her phone a number of times to check for text message.

When she was satisfied with her walk, she turned around and headed back to the company.

“You no quick come back” He told her.

“Person find me come?” Kemi’s heart skipped a bit

“No, nobody” The security man answered “I don chop my groundnut finish”

“Chai, I was almost scared” She composed herself and reached for a chair

“No vex” He said “person enter the company sha, but I no mention you to am oh…if you dey here you for explain better… You understand”

Kemi’s heart sank in her chest, she wasn’t gone for fifteen minutes and this had happened. She heard the security trying to placate her, but her attention was somewhere else already.


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