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The Long Wait: Chapter 2

% The Long Wait: Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Kemi usually enjoyed the leisure night, but tonight things were different. She reached into her bag for her almost worn-out headset, scrolled through her playlist and settled for Sia.

Her strong, powerful voice just seems to resonate with her mood.

She hummed the tune to herself, nodding her head and ignoring the stares of people as she walked by. She was home within minutes and resorted to having her remaining coke and sausage roll for dinner.

The sausage roll tasted sweeter than usual in her mouth and she silently thanked Sandra for her kindness.

She recollected the events of that evening and how Sandra had tried to get be less laconic with their conversations.

“That bridge can’t be crossed in a day, but I’ll be more open onwards, meanwhile I have to take my leave now, I still have some chores to do at home” Kemi had told her

“And here I was thinking we were starting to make progress” Sandra shakes her head in disbelief

“I’m sorry, we’ll continue this conversation tomorrow” Kemi tried to placate her. She reached for a hug that was rejected.

“Don’t patronise me” She mused

Kemi had left shortly after.

She thought of the disappointing look on Sandra’s face. She’s nice and friendly and seemed genuinely interested in being her friend, but Kemi still had some reservations.

She pondered a little bit more till she drifted asleep.

Waking up in a sour mood was starting to become a daily routine for Kemi. She always wished she was getting up for work.

“Be more optimistic” her mom had told her on her last visit home “you can move back in with us if you’re struggling” Kemi had rebuffed that idea, but her rent was due in a few months and she had no source of income to renew her rent for another year.

She was starting to consider moving back in with her parents. She had moved to Lagos for better chances of acquiring a job which has proven difficult for her. She grudgingly got out of bed and decided on a walk outside her compound for a breath of fresh air. She could feel her legs resisting the task, but she wasn’t about to succumb to its demand.

She made her way outside and almost tripped on an empty bottle on the floor, she mumbled to herself and kicked the bottle aside.

“Why did you do that?!! are you by any chance myopic?”

Kemi heard someone yell out,she turned towards the voice and it was her neighbour looking furious.

She’s referred to as “Oreke” by most people which means “Beautiful and graceful” but her attitude was far from graceful.

“Good morning to you too and that’s not only offensive, but also incorrect, I think the word you’re looking for hyperopic” Kemi said calmly.

She was in no mood for the early morning exchange of words

“What does that have to do with anything?” Oreke asked

“Are you usually this slow in the morning?” Kemi retorted

Oreke’s face went from furious to disgruntled

“Why….! you…” Oreke stammered angrily

Kemi wasn’t having none of her antics and she wasted no time walking away from Oreke.

Behind her she could hear her mutter incoherently; words Kemi couldn’t decipher.

“What a character” Kemi thought to herself.

The feel of the early morning breeze on her skin was a slight relief for her already sour mood. She reflected on her early years in the university, she has set so many targets for herself.

Her plan was to graduate, finish her youth service and work in a communications company as a presenter, radio or television, she didn’t mind either. Most of her schoolmates were gainfully employed or had one or two things going for them.

She was always asked the resented question by her mates “got a job now?” She got tired of saying no each time and explaining to them how she toils round for job interviews that either end up being a scam or they give her the usual “we’ll get back to you” response and they never get back to her.

Kemi would anticipate and refresh her emails tons of times, eager for a positive response that she never gets.

Thinking of it was starting to make her head spin. Those disappointing moments when she eventually stops waiting for that email to come through, bringing herself to come to terms with the fact that what she had anticipated severely wasn’t going to be.

Those memories made her gloomy, she decided on a quick shower to soothe her spinning head. She was going to have to come up with a solution for her plight soon.

She caught a wisp of soap bubbles and blew like a child. She smiled to herself, remembering a few of her childhood memories, those were fun times, growing up with no care in the world, now she was a grumpy adult. She frowned at that realization, it was time for an actual chance in her life. The water was colder than usual, making her shower quicker.

She ran to her room quickly, eager for warmth. She picked up her phone and saw she had missed some calls. It was her friend Tolani, from the same collegiate background as her. She had no airtime no call her back, while pondering on what to do next, her phone rang again and she picked it up quickly.

“Hello, runaway friend. You finally picked up; I was starting to worry about you” Tolani said at the other end of the line

“Na you sabi oooh… I dey. It’s been a while yeah, haven’t seen you in a long while, we should change that. What do you think?” Kemi responded

“Yeah yeah, it’s going to happen sooner than you think, where are you at the moment?” Tolani asked

“Home, anything?” Kemi inquired

“I just need you to get dressed and come to the address I’ll text to you now. You surely won’t regret it” Tolani sounded ecstatic

“What’s going on? Full details please” If she was going to spend the little amount she had left on transportation, then it be worthwhile.

“Tolani, I’m waiting” Kemi said when she got no answer

“Sorry, got distracted. Ok I have a job for you, you’ll be interviewed, so I need you to come down here as soon as possible” Tolani said.

Kemi was thrilled at the prospect of a possible job, but she has gotten her hopes dashed countless times, so this time around she didn’t want to jinx it by having too much expectations. She was going to be neutral about the whole thing.

“What are you waiting for? Address please!” Kemi screamed out, she was surprised at her own voice.

“I just sent you a text, check and get back to me and do hurry”

Kemi was already on her way to bathroom when she remembered she already had a shower, punctuality was second nature to her. In a few minutes she was ready to leave.

Shortly after she left home, she realized in her haste she had forgotten to switch off the socket in her room. “The power holding company rarely bring light anyway” she thought to herself, nonetheless what if she had left her iron on, or her electric cooker.

She tried not to focus on those negative thoughts and instead diverted her thoughts to impressing the interviewer and landing herself the job.


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