The Long Wait: Chapter 11

Chapter 11

For the first time in a few years, Kemi woke up with a smile on her face, happy to face the new day. She had moved back in with her parents few months earlier and was on her way to becoming a professional stylist and designer, all thanks to Sandra’s advice.

She was starting to feel real fulfilment daily.

She imagined what life would have been like if she had rebuffed Sandra’s advice and stayed back at her rented apartment in hopes that one day she would finally catch a break and get a white-collar job. She would have wasted more years sinking into depression, becoming a shadow of herself and most of all wasting precious time, but fortunately she had an epiphany, one she was going to pass on to others- You can have a university certificate, and also have an acquired skill. We all don’t have to work in offices.

If someone had told Kemi many years ago that she would be a fashion designer, she

would have laughed at the prospect of that, but now she wanted nothing more than to garner enough knowledge of this art. She yearned to be a connoisseur of fashion one day and she was determined to achieve that.

Sandra had called her she had gained admission into the university and Kemi was elated for her.

The university was in the same town as Kemi so rather than spending money on hostel accommodation, Kemi had suggested Sandra moves in with her and her parents.

Sandra gladly accepted and would be moving in within the month. She would be seeing her after so many months, she was eager to see kemi’s progress and has already gotten few Ankara materials for Kemi to sew for her.

She would model them for her and post on Instagram and other social media platforms for prospective customers to see and patronize.

As a gift she got patterned materials like floral, polka dots and stripes for Kemi to try her hands on. She wrapped it in a bag with an inscription that read “TO NEW BEGINNINGS”

Weeks later when Sandra moved in and handed her the gift, Kemi was overwhelmed with joy, she jumped with surprise and happiness. Kemi was happy she would finally get to repay Sandra for her kindness.

While schooling Sandra was taking designing lessons from Kemi on the side and within a year and half she was well trained and sewing clothes effortlessly.

Kemi trained other people too who would also in turn pass their knowledge to other

people. One way or another she was contributing to herself and the society at large.

Months later Kemi and Sandra set up a business partnership that blossomed over the years.

Kemi repaid Sandra’s kindness in kind after all one good turn Deserves another and for Kemi the long wait was over at last.



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