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The Long Wait: Chapter 10

% The Long Wait: Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Kemi’s laughter resonated round the shop.

She was feeling much better already. Another word to describe her is resilient.
She was a hard nut to crack.

“Let’s talk about what happened to you today and why you looked desolated” Sandra said on a more serious note

“I’ve just been really struggling these past couple of years…the allowance I saved from youth service was used in renting an apartment for myself so I don’t remain with parents as a graduate. I had high hopes and expectations, felt I was going to get a job pronto, but it’s been chaotic. Currently penniless, can’t renew rent, jobless and in despair” Kemi explained, while staring into space. It felt good to say it all out, like a partial weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

“I’m sorry to hear that, I can’t relate because I’m not a graduate, but I know how tough the job sector can be. My aunt struggled for years to get a job and guess what? She never did get one. Life you rightly said, life had other plans and she decided to sit back, relax and watch life work it’s magic on her.

Many years later she’s fulfilled and happy. Ask me how” Sandra said

“How…..?” Kemi asked

“She stopped trying to get a job and rather used the time in learning a skill, now she’s gainfully self employed and has also employed others to work with her, thereby creating job opportunities. In her own little way she has contributed to the job sector” Sandra paused

“I think you should consider that. We all have different paths in life” Sandra added

Kemi thought of Sandra’s advice, she ha never considered acquiring a skill because she felt she didn’t need it with her certificate.

A white collar job was what she has always wanted all her life. To earn salary monthly.

She has always had passion for fashion, but had never considered going into designing or styling

“You have a point” Kemi replied

“Think about it and get back to me. Meanwhile I can help you with your cashless problem so you can get some food stuffs and also have some change left with you to move about, I just got paid yesterday so like I said earlier, you’re in luck” Sandra beamed

Kemi was flabbergasted, she was short of words to thank Sandra, she couldn’t thank her enough, but she didn’t want to be a bother either, she would find a way to pay her back as soon as she could.

“You don’t have to pay me back, I’m glad to be of help” Sandra grinned like she had heard her thoughts .

“You’re always cheerful and happy, like your life is worry-free” Kemi pointed out

Sandra laughed at the idea of that.

Her life was definitely far from perfect.

She has got issues of her own.

“My life is not worry-free, but worrying has never solved anything has it?” Sandra quickly glanced at her wrist watch and continued “You just have to live life one day at a time. You think I enjoy being a sales girl here? No but for now I have to till I’m able to save up enough for school, which is really soon. By next year I’d be sitting for JAMB and be on my way to the university, it’s never too late to apply and being optimistic is my strong suit”

Sandra said brightly and Kemi was amazed at her wisdom and perception. She had really underestimated and undermined her, being a sales girl. She was glad Sandra is friends with her.

Her positivity and optimism is something Kemi needed in her life.

“Don’t just stare at me, let’s make a transfer to yourr bank account so you can go withdraw and get the foodstuffs” Sandra reached for her phone

“You’ve done more than enough for me today and-” Kemi started, but was cut short

“Don’t dare reject my offer” Sandra nudged

“You’re really a good friend and whenever you need me too I’ll be there” Kemi promised

“No qualms, number please”

Kemi called out her bank details to her

“Done, now go” Kemi reached to hug her

“If you’re feeling stronger you could come around tomorrow” Sandra continued

Kemi was ecstatic and thanked Sandra appropriately.

On her way home she thought of everything Sandra had said about acquiring a skill and her positive outlook towards life.

Kemi admired that quality in her.

Sandra was right. Worrying solves nothing, but every little step towards change makes a difference.

She stopped at an ATM to make the withdrawal and bought a few foodstuffs.

When she was home she called her mom and they had a lengthy conversation about kemi’s advice to learn a skill.

Her mom was supportive of the idea and gave her blessing. She encouraged her to come home soon and start the acquisition.


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