The 11 Best Anti-Theft Apps to Protect Your Android Phone (Free & Paid)

Your Android phone was stolen and you are looking for the means to get it back and you don’t know how. I will explain to you the best anti-theft apps to protect your Android phones in this article.

Having your Android phone stolen especially if your phone has a lot of vital information may sometimes lead to depression, restlessness, that is why I have decided to explain to you the best anti-theft apps that you can use to protect your Android phone so that you will not go into depression which may lead to suicide, As such, it’s always a good idea to have an anti-theft app on your device.

Let’s take a look at the best anti-theft apps for Android phones.

1. Find My Device by Google

One of the best Anti-theft apps that you can use to protect your Android device is Find My Device, and this a free, built-in Anti-theft app that is provided by Google.

The Best Anti-Theft Apps to Protect Your Android Phone
The 10 Best Anti-Theft Apps to Protect Your Android Phone (Free & Paid)

Google offers built-in Android security, including an option called Find My Device that can a missing phone, but there are also some great third-party options available.

It lets you remotely lock your phone, sign out of your device, and wipe its content. You can also see your phone’s location on a map and call it via the accompanying app.

If you lock your phone remotely, you can write a lock screen message that your device will display permanently until you disable it.

The Find My Device feature is enabled by default, but it’s wise to check that you haven’t accidentally turned it off. To check the status of Find My Device, go to Settings > Google > Security and tap on Find My Device. Slide the toggle at the top of the window into the On position if the feature is not active.

There are two ways to access Find My Device features either via the web app or smartphone app.

2. Cerberus

Cerberus is one of the best free and paid anti-theft apps for the protection of your android phones.

The best free and paid anti-theft app to protect your Android phones

Cerberus is well-established as the leading third-party anti-theft app for Android. It has a rich feature set that its competitors struggle to live up to.

The three main ways that Cerberus protects your device are remote control via the web portal, remote control via text message, and automatic alerts.

The app can locate and track your phone, lock your device, start an alarm on your phone, upload call logs, and wipe both internal and external memory.

Cerberus will also help ensure anyone who steals your phone ends up in trouble with the law. It can secretly take photos and record videos of anyone who has your device, then upload them to the cloud for you to see. You can even record audio from your phone’s mic.

The app also supports automatic actions. For example, you can make the phone lock itself if the SIM card is changed, or instantly receive a photo if someone enters the wrong PIN.

Due to the way the app works under the hood, Google does not allow it in the Play Store. But don’t worry, the app is legit. Here’s how Cerberus explained Google’s decision:

Google removed Cerberus Anti-theft from the Play Store with this explanation “Apps that cause users to download or install applications from unknown sources outside of Google Play are prohibited.”To give users an option to have a thorough protection, the Play Store app displayed a message informing that the full-featured app could be installed as an update from our official website. Apparently, even that is not allowed by Google, so they removed Anti-theft from the Play Store… At this point, we will not bother to appeal the decision, since there is no way to publish an app that is satisfactory in terms of functionality on the Play Store.

Therefore, to use Cerberus, you will need to download the APK directly from there official website.

You can enjoy a 7-day free trial. Plans start at $5/month.

3. Anti-Theft Alarm

The Anti-Theft Alarm also make our list of the best anti-theft apps and guess what it is a free app, you don’t need to pay a dime to use the features of the app.

Free Anti-Theft Apps to Protect Your Android Phones

At the other end of the complexity scale is Anti-Theft Alarm. It’s a theft deterrent; it does not have post-theft features like phone locating and remote wiping.

As the name suggests, the app will sound a loud alarm in certain circumstances. For example, you can ring the alarm when someone removes or steals your phone while it’s charging if someone moves your phone from where you left it, if you drop your phone, or if someone changes the SIM card. You can also activate the alarm remotely if you realize someone has stolen it.

The alarm can sound even if your device is on silent. Once activated, the noise won’t stop without a password; changing the battery or SIM will not have any effect.

You can download the Anti-Theft Alarm here.

4. McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security is both a free and premium anti-theft app.
McAfee is most well-known for its anti-virus apps, but the company’s Android app also includes anti-theft features, meaning it’s a one-stop-shop for all your security needs.

Specific anti-theft features include device lock security, a thief cam, and app uninstallation protection. If someone enters the wrong PIN code three times, the phone will lock itself until you enter the master password, and take a snapshot of the perpetrator.

McAfee Mobile Security also has a find my phone feature. You can see your phone on a map, sound an alarm remotely, and get step-by-step location tracking.

The app is available for free. An annual plan with extra features is available for $30/year. Download McAfee Mobile Security here.

5. CrookCatcher

CrookCatcher is designed to help you get your phone back, but also give you the satisfaction of catching a thief in action in real-time.

When someone tries to unlock your phone with the wrong code, it will take a picture of the person and immediately email it to you. The email will contain the picture, GPS coordinates and accuracy, an estimated street address, and a map. You can tweak how many incorrect entries are allowed before the picture is taken and the email sent.

One of biggest differences between CrookCatcher and the other apps on our list is the lack of battery drain. The app only fires up when the wrong code is entered; it does not need to run in the background permanently.

CrookCatcher is available for free but is ad-supported. You can download the app here.

6. Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid offers a free version and a paid plan. In the free version, you can locate the device via GPS, ring it, set a passcode, wipe the SD card, perform a factory reset, and get an alert when someone changes the SIM.

The premium plan (called Elite) adds more features such as taking photos remotely, snapping a picture when someone tries and fails to unlock the phone, geofencing, passive location tracking, uninstallation prevention, and multi-device support.

The Elite plan costs $1/month or $9/year. Download the app here.

7. Prey

Prey is another anti-theft mobile tracker, but it doubles as a cross-platform solution that can track phones, laptops, tablets, and all sorts of other devices.

There is a free and a premium version. The free version lets you track up to three devices, but restricts you to a single security zone.

The premium version—which costs $5/month—adds geo-fencing, control zone actions, remote screen lock, message alerts, location history, and support for tracking via GPS, Wi-Fi triangulation, and GeoIP.

If you have the premium plan, you can also wipe data and retrieve files remotely.

Download the app here.

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8. Avast Antivirus – Mobile Security & Virus Cleaner

Avast Antivirus is an Antivirus application with many different features on it, including the Anti-Theft feature that lets you locate your phone by knowing the last known location on the map.

The latest version of Avast Antivirus provides VPN services, internet booster, battery saving, app locker and many other cool features to let you enjoy offline or online activities without worrying about security.

It’s also useful if you are going to do pro-active actions to protect your data using the application features, like Photo Vault, App Lock, and SIM Security that automatically registers your device as a stolen or lost phone after changing the SIM.

You can also know the thief by using the Camera Trap function that sends you a photo of the thief over email or SMS to know who has your mobile in the real-time.

Download the app here.

9. Pocket Sense

Pocket Sense is one of the best anti-theft apps you can also use. With Pocket Sense, you no longer need to worry about the pickpockets or mobile thieves around as it provides a complete solution to secure your device. The app notifies users through an alarm if anyone tries to take the mobile out of the pocket. Apart from that, Pocket Sense also includes features like Charge sense mode, motion sensor mode, etc.

So, these are the ten best Android anti-theft apps that you can consider. If you know any other such apps, let us know in the comment box below. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also. Download Pocket Sense here.

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10. LockWatch – Thief Catcher

Lockwatch is a free anti-theft app that you can also use to protect your Android phone. Lockwatch features taking an image of someone using an incorrect passcode on your phone and emailing it to you. The app is small in size, so it would drain the battery as little as possible. It will only run when someone puts an incorrect code.

An in-app purchase of around $5 will get you some extra features such as notification by email for altering the SIM card.

The app also sends an email when powered up (handy to catch peekers) with three photos of the culprit rather than one. If you sometimes enter an incorrect passcode yourself, you can avoid being alerted by changing the number of unlocking attempts require for the app to work. Download Lockwatch here.

11. Comodo Anti-Theft

Comodo is a free anti-theft app that can be use to protect your Android phone, but it contains ads. Comodo has a single web interface allows you to manage multiple devices. Remote protection can send commands to a missing device, show its location on a map, lock it, display a customized on-screen message with your return details, activate an alarm, wipe data, and more.

Communications are SSL-encrypted, and you can monitor the activity of your missing device, and log in with a Guest Mode feature from any other smartphone or tablet. You can download Comodo anti-theft app here.


Other than being careful, there’s not a lot that you can do to prevent your phone from being stolen. What you can do is protect your data and possibly even find your phone. A solid, anti-theft app should allow you to lock down or even erase your personal data (such as banking apps, Facebook passwords, and contacts) and allow you to track the phone as well (just in case you happened to leave it somewhere or so that the police can track it down in some circumstances).

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Installing such apps isn’t a requirement. But the consequences of not doing so can be severe. Got that Amazon app on your phone? Then your thief is free to purchase things on your account as long as it’s logged in. Got a banking app? Then things are even worse if it allows the thief to transfer funds. Trust us, you want to protect your data in the best way possible, and that means being prepared for the worst. No app can give you a cast-iron guarantee that your phone will never be stolen. But, it’s worth having at least one of the best anti-theft apps installed, in case the worst happens.

If you are looking for where to downloads your android apps, you can download APK from APKCHIPS.

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