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Reasons why OAU is yet to announce resumption date

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OAU not resuming despite suspension of ASUU strike, full details below.

Information emanating from the senate building of Obafemi Awolowo University indicates that the School will not be resuming Session anytime soon, this is partly due to the Pandemic and Chiefly because of the disagreement between the Ife town and the University.

On Monday 21st of December the Vice Chancellor of OAU Prof Eyitope Ogunbodede held a Press Conference aimed at deterring the locals from encroaching the Gazetted land of the Federal Government but this was met with Stiff resistance from the locals who have gone ahead to lay foundation on a parcel of land which allegedly belongs to the school, as though the troubles weren’t enough the Locals prepared Sacrifice and took it to the new hostels that were built at the Parakin Axis of the University Land.

It should be remembered that the School had recently resolved to let students possess the new hostel after it believed that all conflicts on the land issues had been resolved, a top brass within the University Management who prefers to remain anonymous explained that it was because of this and other safety issues that the University Management decided to suspend resumption till all issues with the locals are resolved.

On 7th April, 2019 the Vice Chancellor drew attention to the fact that “Land Grabbers” poisoned the damn thereby killing the aquatic inhabitants but the Ooni of Ife on 12th of the same month refuted the claims by the management, findings however showed that the damn was poisoned and it lost some aquatic inhabitants.

But for this major issue the school is supposed to have started preparing for Resumption into the new Session after ASUU called of it’s 10month old Strike on 23rd of December 2020.

Source: Eagle post news

These reasons doesn’t mean resumption won’t be announced anytime, stay awake and subscribe by clicking the little red bell to get the latest info at your fingertips.

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