Reasons why OAU guys should not date Maintenance Girls

Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU, has about eight undergraduate hostels on campus but despite this, the hostels cannot cater for all the students due to the population size of the students being admitted yearly, as a result of this circumstance many students have been left with no option than to stay off campus.

However, some students have decided to stay in town and while some also live around campus gate and it environs because of the folliwing reasons;

  • Comfort
  • Privacy

The advantage that staying on campus has over staying off campus is that on campus you can be assure of 24/7 electricity supply, however, there are some certain places off campus as well that can also assure you this same offer, well you can read our article on that, let us continue with the main subject which this post is about.

Maintenance consists of off-campus hostels that are built solely for ladies staying in OAU.

While students jostle it out in AP and Lagere, Maintenance girls enjoy the security of being around OAU whilst still being comfortable, this however comes at a cost, the price of the hostels are exhorbitant and you should guess right that only the privileged can afford it. With this in mind, we will be giving you a few reasons you shouldn’t date ladies staying in maintenance hostels;

1. They are way too expensive to maintain

Trust me, if you don’t have the cash, please and please, don’t date maintenance girls, because they are hard to maintain, do not be decieved with their looks or beauty, from the most beautiful to the least of them, run.

2. Buy me this, buy me that

Maintenance girls are fun of this second part. If you are the type that your allowee can’t sustain you for a week, please do not date maintenance girls if not your money will be going into the the pocket of those selling Shawarma, Barbeque, Suya etc.

3. Confirm English accent

Most of the maintenance girls that are “beautiful” have confirm English accent, if you know that you can speak confirm English, don’t put your head where you can get it back in one piece.

Note, I am not saying that it is all ladies that are staying in maintenance have good English accent, some may be forming it while some may not even have at all but watch out.

4. No ride geng

You have no ride and you want to date a maintenance lady, it is very wrong. If you don’t have a car I will suggest you shouldn’t even dare to date one, if not you will be a topic of discussion among her friends and her roommates.

5. Tecno, Infinix, OPPO, Huawei geng

If you are not using one of the latests IPhones, Samsung or Nokia phones, please don’t date maintenance girls. Maintenance ladies have eyes for flashy things and your accessories are also part of those flashy things they are after. If you are the type that is using Tecno, Infinix, it will be difficult for you to date a maintence lady but you may have a higher chance if you are using the latest Infinix or Tecno phones.

Dating a maintenance lady is not easy, maintenance ladies are after the money, if you don’t have the money, please run and they do like to form and when they are at there father’s house, all their tuchness will disappear, that is why I do call maintenance girls Chameleons.

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