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Prince Uche Secondus and the wild goose chase – Falade Oluwasegun Samuel (FOS)

Reports reaching my desk has it that the erstwhile National chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Uche Secondus is running helter skelter in order to procure an interlocutory injunction at the nasarawa Court of Appeal to return him back to office.


The case of prince Uche Secondus could be likened to man that has been decapitated but still mulching is gum. Tell me, of what important would be to gnashed the teeth

Prince Uche Secondus
Prince Uche Secondus

Prince Uche Secondus should accept his fate and thanked the leaders of the party to have availed him the opportunity to pilot the affair of the party in the last four years, even though facts and figures shows — he has caused the party more harm than good.

Rather than to accept his fate in a gentlemanly way — he has resorts to a wild goose chase, that if you ask me, if he Secondus will return. I would tell you unequivocally that he Secondus action is tantamount to effort in futility, trying to procure a monetary-induced order.

Pundits has also reveals that if the Nasarawa Court order is not expedient as ever thought of, that they’re efforts being harness by the billionaire brother of the Osun State gubernatorial candidate in the last election Dr. Deji Adeleke to help Secondus to procure an order at the Court of Appeal sitting at Akure.

Readers might be wondering why the billionaire business mogul would dabble into the affairs of the party, while being a non-card carrying member of the PDP. It is an established facts that—though he Dr Deji Adeleke claimed to be a sympathizer of the party.

However, the actions of the business mogul in recent times were not unconnected to his aspiration to see his brother, who resided in Atlanta Georgia to be the next governor of Osun State. For record purpose, it’s also imperative to bring to the fore that in the last couple of years or thereabouts Dr Deji Adeleke has been at the front-burner fueling crises within the Osun State chapter of the People’s Democratic party. How do I mean, sometimes around 2019 he Dr Deji Adeleke in connivance with some insiders within the party flagged a baseless petition against the congress produced Osun State chairman in person of Hon Soji Adagunodo. He Dr Deji Adeleke used the then National chairman Prince Uche Secondus to perfected the illegal petition which was handled without recourse to the provisions of the party constitution, whenever a petition of such is in question. The embattled chairman was never given fair hearing nor any disciplinary committee was constituted to have considered the substance of the petition where the petitioners would come in person to prove their case. The great tax collector, Prince Uche Secondus was gathered to have ordered the immediate suspension of the state chapter chairman through a communiqué and later ordered the assumption of office the state PRO, one Mr Sunday Bisi — a stooge of the Adeleke’s to assume office, as the State party chairman. We were all stunned, surprised and shocked to the marrow!

The embattled chairman having exhausted all available internal mechanism, proceeded to seek redress in the court of competent jurisdiction and he was reinstated to office by the Court. To make matter worse, political analysts have it that Same Dr Deji Adeleke procured an order of interim injunction with a whooping sum of 75 million naira at the court of appeal Akure, but unbeknownst to them there is a subsisting preservative order yet to be vacated. Probably, if that too will be vacated still remains a matter of conjecture

Ever since then, war of attrition has engulfed the state chapter of the party. It was on this premised that pundits submit that there might be plans to procure an order as usual by the billionaire business mogul to safe Prince Uche Secondus from political oblivion. Because bringing Secondus back will help Dr Deji Adeleke to perfect all the illegalities he engineered and same levelled against the embattled chairman.

You would be asking in your mind, why Dr Deji Adeleke wants Hon Adagunodo, the embattled chairman packing. In he Dr Deji Adeleke words, ” there’s an agreement between us, that he Soji Adagunodo would support the candidacy of my brother Demola Adeleke, but he reneged from those agreements and never supported us”

As political actors, I’m beginning to wonder if one is not within her prerogative to choose who to support? Why this bitterness and bile oozing out from the biliary duct of the billionaire business mogul. Yet, not a card carrying member of people’s Democratic party.

And to the the erstwhile National chairman Prince Uche Secondus, surviving this is irredeemable. Ask me why? His ordeal was a well orchestrated script though politically motivated but legally-laced. He was suspended right from his ward, same ratified by his local government executive and the state executive. This is the last burial for Prince Uche Secondus in the People’s Democratic party.

Falade Oluwasegun Samuel
Falade Oluwasegun Samuel (FOS)

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