Olympus theme review: Download Olympus wordpress theme for free

With our honest Olympus WordPress theme review you will know what Olympus theme is all about. Our Olympus theme review will explain; What is Olympus wordpress theme, the features on Olympus wordpress theme, how to install Olympus WordPress theme, Why you should not use the Olympus wordpress theme and How to get the Olympus wordpress theme

There are a lot of wordpress themes but premium and free. Premium wordpress themes can be bought from themeforest, mythemeshop etc. while free wordpress themes can be gotten from your wordpress dashboard.

To accesss the free wordpress themes, follow the following steps;

  1. Login to your wordpress dashboard
  2. Click on Appearance
  3. Then Click on themes

You will have access to free wordpress themes all you need to do is to choose the one you like then install and activate.

The default WordPress themes are Twenty Nineteen, Twenty Seventeen, Twenty Twenty and Twenty Twenty-One.

But I am here to give a review about Olympus wordpress theme.

Let’s begin.

What is Olympus wordpress theme

Olympus wordpress theme is also known as Olympus BuddyPress theme, is a social network theme just like Vikinger wordpress theme.

Olympus BuddyPress theme is the only tool or resource needed to build a powerful social network with hundreds of members and develop a friendly community. It needs no programming skills and it takes only a few seconds to download it. It provides a range of features of social and profile that will take your WordPress community website to the next level. Your website is designed to become a great WordPress community together with Olympus.

Olympus wordpress theme provides range of profile and social features, that will take your wordpress community website to the next level.

Trust me with the Olympus wordpress theme design and features, your website will become the perfect community/social website just like that of Facebook.

What are the features on Olympus wordpress theme

The features of the olympus wordpress theme are numerous but below are some of the features of the Olympus wordpress theme.

  1. One Click Demo Import
  2. Youzer Integration
  3. Amazing profile features
  4. Amazing social features
  5. Awesome review system
  6. SVG Icons supported
  7. Events Calendar plugin supported
  8. MyCred plugin supported
  9. SEO ready
  10. Buddypress plugin supported
  11. BBPress/WPForo plugin supported
  12. Frontend login & register feature
  13. WooCommerce plugin and features supported.
  14. Customer support etc.

How to get the Olympus wordpress theme

The Olympus wordpress theme can be gotten from themeforest. To purchase the Olympus theme for themeforest

  1. Login to your themeforest account and if you have created one, you can simply register to get started with
  2. Once you login or register, click on Shop
  3. Locate or search for the Olympus wordpress theme
  4. Click on the buy button
  5. Make payment by selecting your convenient payment method
  6. Once your payment is successful, you will receive a congratulatory message
  7. Go to My Account to view your purchase item(s)

How to Install Olympus WordPress theme

Olympus wordpress theme can only be used on WordPress platform. Below are the steps to install the Olympus wordpress theme;

  1. Download the Olympus wordpress theme from your themeforest dashboard
  2. Once you are done downloading the theme in your PC or laptop, unzip the downloaded folder, then locate olympus.zip folder.
    The olympus.zip folder is the main theme folder, so copy it out from the rest of the downloaded theme folder and paste it out.
  1. Login to your wordpress dashboard
  2. Go to Appearance
  3. Click on theme
  4. Click on the Add New button and then click on the Upload button
  5. Locate and select the olympus.zip folder you copied out and click on install.
  6. Once the theme is installed, click on Activate.
  7. You will be given a variety of option, either to install Demo & plugins or Plugins only, select anyone you desire.

Why you should not use the Olympus wordpress theme

We tried using Olympus wordpress theme on one of our websites but unfortunately we had to stop using the theme due to the following reasons;

  1. The Customisation of the theme takes a lot of time. If you try customising the theme, you will find out that the customisation of the theme isn’t easy.
  2. The Olympus wordpress theme has only 4 different post layouts; Grid, Classic, Mansory and List and those layout can’t be changed to your desire taste.
  3. You cannot increase the number of related articles in each post layouts and also increase the font size of the related article and also that of the comment section.
  4. One of the major problem I had with the Olympus wordpress theme was the customisation of the footer section. The Olympus wordpress theme footer fonts can not be increased in size.

There is a limitation to the customisation you can do on the Olympus WordPress theme and that makes the theme very annoying to use, well the developer of theme may have their reasons for doing so though

To download the theme for free, please click the download button below.


The Olympus wordpress theme is a great theme if you intend to start a social network platform like that of Facebook, and you want a theme that is not heavy, then the Olympus wordpress theme will serve you better. I hope with our review on Olympus wordpress theme, you can decide if you should go for it or not.

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