Is Vtuking Legit? My Honest Experience With Vtuking

Are you using Vtuking and you are looking for a honest review on Vtuking?

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I will be giving you an honest review about Vtuking services, you will know if they are trusted or not before jumping to use there services or offers.

I decided to join Vtuking affiliate system in order to make some bucks from their referral earning services so that made me to write a review on Vtuking in one of my posts, I got a lot of people to join Vtuking via my referral link and this gave me some bucks.

Before I continue, I need to clarify that, before joining, the referral services can be used by anyone in as much as you have an account with Vtuking, then you have no problem using their referral services.

So I have 295 referrals and this gave me #1,200, and the minimum withdrawal was #1000. I decided to request for a withdrawal since I have exceeded the minimum withdrawal limit, I filled the withdrawal box field; I was asked to fill in my bank details which I did, you can check the screenshots below;

After 1 week of requesting for withdrawal, no mail or message was received, I decided to contact their customer service on February 21st, 2021 which I got a waiting-type of response on February 23rd, 2021 and that was the last time my messages were responded to. I contacted via another option, which is on WhatsApp, no response received, you can check screenshots below for verification;

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