How To Survive The Heat In OAU

We all know that the current weather in Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, Osun State is of no child’s play. Especially for those who are not staying on campus or not having the 24/7 supply of electricity it is as if Mercury and Earth swapped position in the planetary system 😫😱. The weather can be frustrating especially in the afternoon.

However, I will be explaining to you how you can survive the heat in OAU, these methods can be apply to any location you are, you can just select the method that is possible at that period in time and you are good to go 😉.

  1. Take advantage of the cooling power of water by sleeping in your bath tub filled with water (water filled with Ice is a yes for me). If you don’t have bath tub not to worry, utilize your water tank/drum/basin/bucket/keg as the case may be. Someone like me can spend the whole afternoon in a bath tub filled with Ice of water either reading or watching a cool movie or series like “The Blacklist”
  2. Drink loads of water to prevent dehydration and endeavour to shower frequently to regulate your body temperature.
  3. Remove your mattress from its frame and place it on the floor because heat rises and the floor is kinda cooler.
  4. Place a damp cloth on your window for cool breeze.
  5. If available place a bowl of ice in front of standing fan opposite your bed. That is an improvised air conditioner
  6. Consume less food protein to prevent Metabolic process induced heat into the body
  7. Become a nud*st. Sleep naked on bare floor/tiles but not rug. The earth is a universal conductor of heat, it will conduct all your body heat away. But ensure you have no rodent, cockroach, or ants that will play with you smooth skin.
  8. Embrace Celibacy. Quit being an adrenalin junkie. You all know that “thing” you do that saps all your energy the moment you squïrt. Making you look like when Kanu Nnwakwo just lost a crucial penalty at the elimination stage of the world cup. No cuddling, No smooching. Back off bro!!
  9. Sleep in the Classroom. The Classroom under this context strictly applies to student who have interrupted power supply. Sleeping in the classroom is a win-win situation for those who still can’t bare the heat. Once it is like 6:00am take the first bus or cab to your house to have a shower and prepare for the day, as I said, it is a win-win situation just that your bed will be left out except if you have a friend that you can squat with in the hostel.
  10. Make public buildings with functional generator and Air condition unit your second home. Spend more time in eateries, modern day cinema halls etc, well don’t be shy and try to order for something if you decide to go to a well comfortable eatery so that they won’t chase you out for just sitting and not ordering for something.
  11. Wear wet bandanna always especially around your head. It may look odd on you but nevertheless endure. Fashion is pain.

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With these methods you can the heat in OAU.
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