How To Start a News Blog and Make Money From a News Blog

Are you planning on starting a news blog?

Or do you have a news blog and you hardly earn a cent from the blog?

I know how frustrating it is not to earn a dollar at least from your blog especially when you see your other fellow bloggers making it big in the news niche.

Well you may want to ask what is a niche right?

In blogging a niche is an area of focus. If you decide to focus on news related stuff, then you are in the news niche and if it is business, then you are in the business niche. A niche defines what your blog is about and you can also combine different niches, if your blog contains different niches then your blog is a multi-niche.

How To Start a News Blog and Make Money From a News Blog

Moving forward…

I will explain to you step-by-step on how to start a news blog and also how to make money from a news blog. What is the essence of having a blog and you are not generating income from it. I see no reason why you can not also generate income from your news blog.

So let me not bore you and go straight to the point.

Things you need to know before starting a news blog

Things you need to know before starting a news blog

1. Start Local

START LOCAL, yes I know you read that a loud.

For your news blog to be so popular you need to start local, what I mean by starting local is by writing about news related stuff in your community, then afterwards in your town, then later in your state before moving to your country then outside your country.

Doing these is all about finding and getting your audience who are getting to stay and stick throughout your blog’s lifetime. This means you publish news, write stories, and trending topics happening in your country, locality, niche, business, select demography, and or community as I stated earlier.

This should be your number one objective when starting. Who is going to be your audience? who do you want to reach out to? these are the questions that should be playing in your mind.

“Don’t write what you think they need, Write what the people need”

1 out of about 10 blogs die within the first one year, so starting as a local news blog is a test of your resolution, determination, and actual passion of seeing it becoming successful. Don’t just become global, do not try to be the CNN or Aljazeera of a news blog. Those companies are running a full-scale business and they have the financial resources to fund it fully.

2. Be Yourself and use your own voice

Remember that it is a blog you want to run, whether a political news blog or entertainment, etc; you should know that it is not a website. Having known that, your news blog will be respected if you assert authority without fear of being a coward in writing from your heart and attaching your voice of personal instinct to it. In other words. Be real, apply your real personality to the details, be impartial, hit the nail on the head, and be frank. This is what will make you stand out, this is what will separate you from the thousands of chaffs out there.

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3. Commit resources

If you truly want to make a business out of your blog and want to make it successful, you have three resources you must commit:

  • Commit your time
  • Commit your money
  • Commit your true passion

One particular trait about successful blogs is that they constantly publish articles, stories daily at a consistent and persistent schedule. You will need to commit meaningful time in getting your news and stories out there.

An adage says ‘you spend money to get money’

This is true if you aim to run it as a business and not just as a hobby. You will spend money getting your domain name, social media accounts etc.

4. Be passionate

Passion is everything. Ask yourself if truly you love what you are doing or about to do. Your number one resource is your passion.

Blogging to become successful is not easy as some people makes you believe it is, it is pure hard work and if you do not have genuine passion, honestly, you will close shop in less than a year.

5. Publish Daily

The art of news blogging requires optimal publishing of news contents or stories; for a news blog, it is a far more committal practice where you will need to publish at least 10 articles (even more) a day. For best practices that have proven to work very well, the following schedule of publication should be followed.

1) You should know the peak period where the majority of people are online. The foremost peak period is in the early morning for a news blog. Therefore, as early as 5 to 6am; make sure you have published news stories for the entire day for the entire category and set it on scheduled sharing on social media accounts at set time intervals e.g. every 30min to 1hour gap.

2) In essence, your entire blog should contain new posts for that day and you do that first thing in the morning

3) Publish new stories throughout the day as you are getting them.

4) The second most important peak period is between 5:30pm to 11pm; this is the busiest peak period and you should get highly engaged around this time.

5) Your social media accounts, e.g. twitter (most important for now) and Facebook needs to be busy and you should set the posts to be shared automatically on them at set times.
The next point you need to know before launching out is:

6. Draw out a plan both short and long term

Ask the most successful people and they will tell you about the importance of planning. The same thing applies to this news niche if you want to be successful and make money from your news blog. Do not just see it as a blog for fun because it’s going to cost you money to set up and your time; therefore you need to make short and long term plans. Either of your plans falls into two categories:

  • Support for one year
  • Helping hand
  • Social media accounts

One thing should sink in you right now, forget making money in the first six months. All you will be doing is working, publishing stories and news continuously non-stop till the search engines and your audience starts seeing credibility and authority in your blog. Therefore, you need to have a structure in place that can sustain you financially for one year without depending on the blog at all.

From my personal experience, I quickly became worn out and fatigue set in my first three months of blogging alone. Blogging is a job, and it can easily wear you out. As part of your planning, you should have a helping hand and the best place to get a reliable one when starting is within you i.e. your family, girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, husband, etc. Trust me, you will not regret this step.

The next you should look into is creating social media accounts. You are not a superhero hero that can be everywhere at the same time. Managing Facebook and twitter at set intervals in not easy for any human to handle and that is why the idea of automation comes in. You will need tools that can help you schedule your posts and news to be shared on the social networks at intervals e.g. every 5 minutes throughout the day.

Now that we have talked about the things you need to consider before opening your news blog, let us now talk about how to start a news blog.

How To Start A News Blog

How To Start A News Blog

To start a news blog you do not have to be a journalist or an experienced media personality in this niche media industry (though, if you are one, it is an added advantage and it means you have your target audience already). To be honest with you, most successful blogs out in this niche are people with zero experience, all that they had is just the passion and zeal to either expose the wrongs in the society/country, share their feelings and/or probably run it as an entertainment or gossip sort of news niche.

This is how to start a news blog;

1) Choose Your Blog Name

Now comes the fun part, creating your blog name. We suggest a name that’s short, sweet and is relevant to your audience. For example; Okakasite, Punch, CNN etc.

After choosing your blog name, you will now decide if you want to go for .com, .org, .net, .ng, .us, .uk etc.

Domain extensions are; .com, .org, .net, .ng, .us, .uk etc. while your blog name (for e.g Okakasite) is your domain.

Once you have a blog name in mind, it’s time to get your website set up. Don’t worry, this is much easier than it sounds and can be easily done in less than an hour!

2) Choose Your Blogging Platform

There are a lot of blogging platforms that you can use but the popular once are WordPress and Blogger.

Blogger platform is free, you do not need to pay a dime before using it while WordPress platform is not free. When I am talking about wordpress, I am referring to If you do not know the difference between blogger and wordpress you can read it here and you can also read the difference between and

Yeah, I forgot to tell you that there are to types of wordpress, which are and is free as well but is not.

3) Get Your Blog Online

After you have decided on the platform to use. It is time to design your blog and get your blog online by publishing news contents, news stories.

Do you plan on starting a news blog or you have one but you have trouble keeping it up alive, simply contact me via the contact form, I will reply you ASAP.

After you have gotten your blog online, the next thing is how to get contents to your news website. I have explained in my previous post the major places you can get your news content.

Now after putting contents to your news blog and you are generating traffic to your news blog, but still you are yet to make a dollar from your news blog. Do not give up, let me tell you the ways you can make money from your blog

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How to make money From a News Blog

How to make money From a News Blog

Do news blog make money?

Your news blog should be out of a passion for journalism, and not for profit. However, a journalist has to eat, and it’s possible to make money off journalism as a side hustle or even full-time. Here are a few ways you can make money from your news blog.

  1. Ad Networks: you can apply for ad networks such as Google AdSense, Adsterra, etc.
  2. Direct Advertisement: You can sell ad spaces on your blog in case a company or a business owner want to advertise on your blog
  3. Guest posting. You can guest post on blogs and news outlets, and not only will you get exposure, but a good blog will pay you for your contribution. Many freelance journalists or news blogger rely on this. You can even charge people for guesting posting.
  4. Paid sponsorships can help you make money from your news blog. Some companies may pay you to review a microphone or a camera or a product.
  5. If you make enough good stories, you may be invited to events to speak or attend. You may be paid to do so, with travel fees paid for.

You see, you can generate a lot of money from blogging. Do not forget before starting a news blog, you need to have passion and know what you are doing before you can generate money from your news blog.

Do you plan on starting a news blog or you have one but you have trouble keeping it up alive, simply contact me via the contact form, I will reply you ASAP.

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