How to Recover an Hacked Google AdSense Account

I know some of you may be wondering why I’m writing this article – How to recover an hacked Google AdSense account. The cases of Google AdSense theft day by day has been alarming due to the fact that some certain individuals didn’t get an approve AdSense account and this may lead them to temptation to steal another man AdSense account.

Imagine you undergoing the stress of doing AdSense ID verification and PIN verification and an individual decided to steal that AdSense account without your knowledge?

One of the saddest part of this is that sometimes this hackers are smart and tend to make there criminal activity undetected. They are able to achieve this by removing your email as an admin from the adsense account and change the payee details to theirs. They do this so that when it is time for you to receive your adsense payment the money meant to be sent to you by adsense goes to them instead because they have already changed your payment details.

If you come to find out that your adsense account got hacked please do not panic, you can report this to google by filling the account login issues form.

On the adsense account recovery page, you have to provide your credentials like full name, your Adsense account email address and your Publisher ID. You can get your publisher id from the adsense codes you’ve placed on your blog.

If you can also get the hacker’s email address that he is using currently on the AdSense account, IP address, and other vital information you can get from the hacker which may help your case to be resolved as soon as possible can also be sent along with othet details mentioned above.

Adsense will lookup your details from there end and if it matches with the previously changed details, then your full admin access will be restored and the hacker will be removed from your Adsense account.

Here is AdSense support team email:, you can send them a mail regarding your issue and you should receive a response as soon as possible.

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