It occurs to me that most people don’t understand the art behind sliding into DM’s, that’s why they get rejected and sometimes come to cry on the Timeline.

From my recent findings, many guys really suck at this and they are giving themselves a bad name.

Here are some tips to help you.

  1. Stop sliding into the DM with certain words like ” Hey dear”, “pretty damsel”. It’s frankly annoying. If you don’t know what to say, a simple “Good Morning, how are you doing today?” will suffice.

Also, please do not abbreviate. No girl wants to see “Xup, hw u doin?”.

  1. Don’t go DMing random ladies you haven’t flowed with on the TL/Group before

Most ladies look at your Display Picture if it’s recognisable or your handle. If it’s foreign to them, they might not reply. It’s best to at least banter on the Timeline once or twice before sliding in.

  1. Be creative. Don’t be predictable.

Good morning is okay but it’s boring. You won’t get her attention with “good morning”.

If you have been engaging each other on the Timeline/group previously, you can say something like “It will be criminal if I don’t continue the conversation here 😁”

This will definitely make her smile a bit which makes it easier to continue with the conversation.

Don’t just type Hi or Hello or Hey without following it up with something. They are probably getting 30 of such messages.

Make it catchy and she will click on it. 😍😘


It ruins shit. If you want to see more of her in order to make an informed decision about her beauty and physical endowment, say something like ” it seems I’ve seen you on Instagram, what’s your Instagram handle?” then go and check pictures. Simple

  1. Know how to carry a conversation and the appropriate things to say.

You can’t be saying “baby” “my love” when you just started talking. You also can’t be talking dirty except she has given you the vibe either from the Timeline or group. Know how to read the other party

Don’t say, “tell me about yourself “
Say, ” well, I want to get to know you more but let me tell you a bit about myself though”

This way, you have given her a format to follow and the conversation will flow naturally from there.

  1. Watch when you text to get a good conversation going.

Don’t text in the afternoon except you see she’s active online. People have jobs

If you want to Slide in and get the ball rolling, target after 4pm or in the afternoon (if it appears that she’s active at the time).

  1. The worst time to DM a lady is when her photo blows up. Man! You got to use your sense

Once you see a hot picture with numerous engagements, best believe there are over 100 thirsty guys saying rubbish. Don’t DM. It will get lost in the rubble.

Wait till the fame dies down also, make sure she follows you before you DM. You can even say “kfb” in the TL because if she doesn’t (twitter), it will fall into requests. Most of them don’t accept the message requests.

Do your research, DM before she blows.

  1. Have self respect as a Man. You are a Man.

Once you text twice and you don’t get a reply over a span of 5days, delete that shit and move on like it never happened. You win some, you lose some. Don’t go writing “hello” 55 times in someone’s DM.

  1. DM within your League and social circle.

I won’t DM some people because I know they want money and I don’t have money. Respect yourself

You know some want marriage, if you don’t want, don’t DM. They will assess you and probably never answer however, this is not to say that you should be scared about DMing ladies with plenty followers. DM them! Nothing dey happen.

They are normal people, just with plenty followers. If you engage them well, they can las las fall in love, gba be. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

  1. Don’t be too quick to ask for number. Let it flow naturally.

You can also say something like “too bad this App doesn’t have an audio feature, would really love to hear your voice” (twitter)

Or if you are on telegram you could screenshot where you put people’s contact and send it to here and be like “well since we are getting to know each other, maybe you can help me with this quick survey” πŸ˜„.

Then ask,


Finally, Don’t insult a lady because she doesn’t want to chat with you

Be a gentleman and take your L in peace. No silly talks about Shiloh or the likes

Also, and I cannot emphasize this enough., DON’T SEND D1CK PICTURES. HAVE SOME SELF RESPECT FOR YOURSELF.


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