How To Prevent Your Google AdSense Account From Being Hacked

In my last article, I talked about how to recover an hacked Google AdSense account, but right now, I will be talking about how to prevent your Google AdSense account from being hacked.

I know that many of these tips are basic, but the amount of people who are still hacked because they didn’t pay attention to them is staggering. While you can still be hacked if you follow all of these tips it will keep your Adsense account a lot safer.

How To Prevent Your AdSense Account From Being Hacked

1. Don’t be Tempted to Click on Emails

If you get an email about your Adsense or YouTube account DON’T CLICK ON IT!!! Even if you have made sure it is from the official Google email accounts you should still never click on any links within it as emails can be ghosted. If any email tells you to login to your Adsense account or maybe it asks you to change the password you should always log in to the account via your web browser and not via the emails links. This is the most common way people get hacked.

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2. Use Different Passwords

I can hear the groans from here, but this really is a common way people get their Adsense account hacked. If you use the same password for different accounts you are much more likely to get hacked as all they need to do is guess one account login (maybe Facebook, Gmail or Twitter) and they will have access to a lot more. I get it, using different passwords is a pain, but it is also a lot safer.

3. Keep Email Alerts On

While you should never click on any email claiming to be from Adsense you should also never ignore one as well. Like I said, NEVER click on the links, but one of the worse things you can do is ignore an email telling you your password or bank details have been changed! If you get an email like this you need to shut things down immediately. Log into your Adsense account (NOT VIA EMAIL LINKS) and change the password and indeed change any other accounts that use the same password. By getting these email alerts you can react quickly and stay safer.

These are basic tips for sure, but they are the most common ways people get hacked. You can also read our guide on how to increase your Google AdSense earnings.

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