How To Know If A Guy Is No Longer Interested In You

Women are naturally wired to fall in love by the things they hear and see, this is why when a guy says nice things to a lady, depending on her emotional state of mind at the time, she can fall hopelessly in love with him. She then goes on to build fantasies with this said guy and, the sparkles between them are very evident. Even when she sees the red flags, she ignores and pays no heed to it because, her senses have been so blinded by what she feels for the man. Then, somewhere along the line, she observes that her man is no longer the man she knew him for. He no longer does the things he does for her or even spends as much time as he should with her. Her head tells her the guy has began to withdraw from her but, her heart tells her he’s probably awestruck by his love for her so, he needs time to digest it.

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If you’re just like this lady and would love to see signs that your man has withdrawn from you, then, you need to know if a guy is no longer interested in you.

But wait, are you doing the things men want in a woman? If yes, you can proceed in reading this article but if no please read our article on the things men want in a woman.

How To Know If A Guy Is No Longer Interested In You

How To Know If A Guy Is No Longer Interested In You

1. He Barely Keeps In Touch With You

Men are wired naturally to be hunters. They go after what catches their eyes and, even after they’ve had it within their grip, they find it very hard to let go.

If you have this guy that always comes up with excuses as to why he can’t keep in touch with you; lame stuff that doesn’t even make an atom of sense. From gradually slowing down on keeping in touch, he stops TOTALLY! At this point, you find yourself making efforts to reach him but, he’ll claim he had loads of stuff to do that has kept him away and, should you dare complain, you’ll automatically be tagged the nagging type. If a guy truly loves you and means to be with you, nothing will stop him from keeping in touch with you.

2. Zero Attention On Social Media

A lot of people might not want to agree with this but, when a guy completely ignores you on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but you see him very active and commenting or reacting to other people’s posts, girl, you mean nothing more than a pinch of salt to him. And, if you decide to take the bold step of dropping a comment on his page, you’ll get ignored as well. There’s nothing worse than being in the same space with someone yet, they act like you don’t even exist.

3. He Doesn’t Want People To See You Both Together But He Gladly Flirt With Other Ladies

This, right here, is self explanatory. When a guy truly loves you, he’ll do just about anything to prove to the world that he loves you and is proud to be associated with you. When he dreads having a conversation with you because he doesn’t want those around him to think you’re an item, that’s a huge red flag. Guys are naturally expressive; especially when it has to do with the woman they love so, if he’s not doing this for you, BACK OFF!

4. He Stabs And Gives Excuse For Every Fixed Appointment You Both Have

No man who truly loves a woman will stand her up and feel very comfortable with it. He will apologize for it and make up for it almost immediately. When you notice that your man stops keeping to appointments and/or meet-ups and, you have to be the one to call to find out why he had to stand you up, you don’t need to be told that he doesn’t feel you anymore. Genuine love for your partner is like something great that you’re addicted to. No matter how hard you try, you can’t go a day without it. When a man truly means to be with you, every minute spent with you means a whole lot to him.

5. He Begins To See You As Being Too Dependent On Him

Men love to feel like the men in da hood. They love to be in charge; not bossy and assertive per se. They love to care for and protect their women. They love to get things for their women; depending on what they can afford. When you start to observe that your man has slowed down in showing you affection like you used to and, when you try to double up affection on your own end so he doesn’t feel let down but, he still isn’t cool with it, then, you’ve stopped meaning that much to him. Each time you try to keep in touch through whatever means, he kicks against it and sees it as a bother.

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6. Always Demanding For Space

If you truly mean anything to your man, the last thing he’ll want to do is be away from you. Men love to keep close to themselves what they adore. When your man suddenly wakes up and asks for some sort of distance between you two, then, it’s pretty obvious that you’ve become as irritating to him as ever. When a guy needs “space”, he has stylishly broken up with you without your knowledge; except you’re smart enough to decode it.

7. He Treats You As A Casual Fellow

You notice that all of a sudden, your man has began to see you as a “hello, hi” kinda person and, it doesn’t bother him one bit. You greet him, it’s a problem. You try to be all mushy and romantic like you’ve always been to him, he gives you this look that suggests you’re overstepping your boundaries. This is a clear indication that you both no longer operate on the same space cos, a lot of water has passed under the bridge.


If you have a guy that treat you as if you don’t mean a thing, it is better you walk away on your own free will or you keep on being in a relationship that doesn’t value your effort, attention and most importantly love. I hope you now know if a guy is no longer interested or in love with you.

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