How To Improve The Battery Life Of Your Laptop That Is Using Windows 10 OS

Windows 10 is the latest Windows produced by the microsoft company even though it has been found to be a power consuming operating system (OS), despite it being the most popular and the best OS developed by the Microsoft company. But don’t be troubled, I will explain to you how to improve the battery life of your laptop that is using Windows 10.

Microsoft keeps releasing different updates to fix the battery drainage problem after several complaints by users but to no avail, that was the reason I decided to drop the tips that helped me to improve my battery usage on Windows 10.

However, these tips to improve battery life of your laptop using Windows 10 is for Windows 10 users with laptops, two in one and ultrabook. So let’s get started…

How To Improve The Battery Life Of Your Laptop That Is Using Windows 10 OS

1. Reduce Screen Brightness

Reducing your laptop screen brightness is one of the ways to improve the battery life of your laptop that is using Windows 10.

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Screen brightness is one of the fastest ways to get your battery drained faster on laptops and for a laptop using Windows 10, it’s always different because Windows 10 gives enhancement to screen brightness.

How to reduce your laptop screen brightness

You can reduce your laptop screen brightness by following the following steps below;

  • Go to settings
  • Click on Display
  • Adjust the screen brightness to your taste

2. Power Saver Mode

The power saver mode is another way to improve the battery life of your laptop. To switch on the power saver mode, follower one of the steps below;

Step 1

  • Click on the battery icon on your taskbar.
  • Click on battery settings


Step 2

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on battery

Afterwards click on the check box to turn the battery saver on and do the appropriate settings.

3. Force stop Battery Draining Apps

Some apps consume battery a lot, sometimes it might be browsers and even when you close them, they’ll still be running in the background.

So to know which app consumes your battery, just go Settings>Battery>History/then see the app consuming more power.

You can completely get rid of such apps by closing it via the task manager. This method will help save a lot of battery on your Windows 10.

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4. Optimize Power & Sleep Mode

Optimizing your laptop screen timeout mode is one of the best ways to get more battery and also put your battery in a situation where it won’t drain fast. So to optimize Power & Sleep Mode, click on the Windows Icon and search Power & Sleep or go to settings and tap on Power & Sleep.

Under Screen, change the option that says on battery power, turn off after. Click on 5-10 minutes, then under Sleep, you can also change to 1-5 minutes.

5. Disable Autostart Apps

Disabling autostart apps is another tip to make your laptop battery last longer on Windows 10 OS.

Autostart apps are apps that usually come up and run in the background once the system has been booted up and sometimes these apps consume battery a lot depending on what priority they’re set in, but you can disable them easily.

Open Windows Task Manager by right-clicking on your PC taskbar, then click on the startup tab and disable any apps you see with startup option enabled on it.

6. Avoid Overheating

Overheating is another cause of quick battery drainage on Windows 10, and when your PC begins to overheat, the only solution is to close apps that are making your PC overheat, then reboot your PC or if at all just shut it down for some minutes and then put it back on.

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There are other ways you can avoid battery drainage on Windows 10 due to overheating, move your PC from where it is and put it somewhere with more ventilation.

7. Turn Off Keyboard Lights

Turning off keyboard light is one way to to make your laptop battery last longer on Windows 10 OS.

If your keyboard has a light feature, please turn it off during the day time.

It’s advisable to turn it off to save your self more battery, and maybe when you work at night, you can set it back on.

8. Replace Battery

Sometimes a bad battery isn’t healthy for a PC and the only way is to make replacement, replacing your battery PC battery can help your PC stay healthy cause too much unnecessary shutdowns can damage the PC.

9. Do Not Overcharge

Overcharging kills battery even faster and the best way to keep the battery healthy is to charge while the PC is running low on battery. Though this doesn’t apply to all battery, some batteries support charging while power is on and doesn’t


A strong battery gives more uptime to your laptop, and an OS like Windows 10 needs a strong battery cause it consumes a lot of power, but with this article, you can learn how to make your laptop battery last longer on Windows 10 OS.

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