How To Get GLO YouTube Video Streaming Data Plan

Glo Nigeria has successfully launched a new YouTube video streaming data plan that offers you 1 hour streaming time for just N50 Naira. This plan has been designed for those who loves spending more time watching videos on YouTube.

However, Glo YouTube data plan is quite similar to that of MTN YouTube data plans.

According to Glo Nigeria, the new time-based plans would allow customers to stream YouTube videos for as low as N50 per hour. isn’t that cheap?

Moreover, there are also other plans to choose from, which are N50 for 1 hour, N130 for 3 hours, N50 for 5 hours (Night), and N200 for 7 hours (Night). A fair usage policy on each of the plans with fixed volume will be applied,” Glo said.

With the new Glo YouTube data plans, you can now watch YouTube videos as much as you want. This plan is only for YouTube app or YouTube Web.

Let me quickly explain to you how to subscribe to GLO YouTube video streaming data plan. Here’s how you can activate this data plan.

How To Get GLO YouTube Video Streaming Data Plan

Below are the steps to subscribe to Glo data bundle;

  • Dial *777#
  • Select 1 (Data)
  • Select 1 (Buy data plan)
  • Select either 1 (auto-renew) or 2 (one-off)
  • Select 6 (Social Bundles)
  • Select 2 (Youtube bundles)
  • Then select the youtube bundle you can afford.

That is how to subscribe for the Glo YouTube data bundle. Enjoy 😉

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