How To Get free 3GB Data On Airtel TV app

Airtel is giving out free 3GB data to Airtel customers to enjoy access to streaming on its TV App. In this post, I will be showing you how to get free 3GB on Airtel TV app.

The Airtel TV app is available to both iOS and Android devices, the app is free and comes with no subscription charges.

The app offers users access to stream TV channels, series, movies and music right on your smartphone and tablets
It was announced by Airtel Africa on December 23, 2019 and ever since then, Airtel subscribers have been enjoying unlimited access to TV channels.

Mobile Category

The free 3GB data given by Airtel can only be use on the Airtel TV App. Both Android and iOS users can have access to this “Airtel TV” app, which means both users can enjoy the Airtel 3GB free data.

What are the Features on Airtel TV

1. Browse through titles or search for your favorite movies, videos, channels by entering related fields such as Movie/TV Show title/Director/Actor/Channel name into the Search bar at the top of the page. Example: to search for “One Wish”, type in: “Fredrick Leonard” or “Lota Chukwu”.

2. Movies are available in Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba and English language.Regular newsletters to notify you of new releases.

3. Share videos with friends and family; click on the share button on the movie/show/video page and then select where you want to share and with whom.

4. Lock screen option available. Register with your mobile number to enable Airtel maintain your playback status and keep track of your subscription If for any reason you need to change your phone number or perform a sim swap or change mobile device, all you need to do is login to the app with the mobile number to continue enjoying the Airtel TV app

How to Get Free 3GB data on Airtel TV App

1. Download and install Airtel TV app from Google PlayStore or IOS

2. Open the app and Allow” every “permission” they seek.

3. In the welcome screen, look below and tap the red button, accept the terms and conditions given.

4. In the text field provided, fill in your airtel mobile number and your email address. The country code is there already, so start your mobile number from the second digit.

5. You will receive an OTP to confirm your registration on the app. An OTP stands for One Time Password. If you have the number on the phone, it will auto-apply. But if other wise enter the OTP into the space provided to you

6. After you have successfully registered, you’ll receive a message on your Airtel SIM “Congratulations! You have been credited with Free Airtel App Download data bonus. Dial *140# to check your free data.”

How to Accumulate Airtel Free 3GB On Airtel TV app

To accumulate the free Airtel TV app data bonus, get another Airtel SIM, then clear the app data and repeat the steps to trigger it again.

Note: Airtel TV app free 3GB data bonus is valid for 6days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Is free Data for Airtel TV alone?

Ans: Yes! You can’t use the data for any other service except Airtel Tv

Ques: What is the size of the Airtel TV app?

Ans: The app is 30mb only.

Ques: Can I get 3gig on more than one airtel sim?

Ans: Yes, you can. You are only accumulating the data.

Ques: How many times can I use one email?

Ans: Once, I presume. It’s not hard to create another email, follow the instructions here.

Ques: How long will the free 3GB data last?

Ans: The 3gb will last for six days only.

Ques: Can I register more than one sim on the app?

Ans: Yes, you can.

I hope you now know how to get free 3GB from Airtel Tv App, how about you share this post with friends and family by using the share button above or below the post. Thanks for reading.


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