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How to Get 10% Airtime Bonus on MTN

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MTN is offering all their subscribers a 10% airtime bonus on any of your recharges this season. Whether you recharge via Top-ups, Debit Card, or directly from your bank account, you are entitled to get a 10% MTN bonus airtime on any of your recharges.

For example, if you recharge N500, you’ll get N50 bonus airtime to call all networks. A recharge of N1000 will give you a bonus airtime of N100. A recharge of N3,500 will give you N350 airtime bonus, hope you understand how it works now?

How to Get 10% Airtime Bonus on MTN

You can get this bonus only through MyMTN App. The app is designed for all MTN subscribers and it offers you exclusive cheap offers all the time.

1. Open MyMTN App on your device or download it from the Play store if you don’t have it

2. Tap on Recharge

3. Choose the medium you wish to recharge with e.g. Top-up card, Bank, Debit card, etc.

How to Get 10% Airtime Bonus on MTN

If you are using Top-up cards, click on top-up cards and scan your voucher as seen below.

% How to Get 10% Airtime Bonus on MTN

Once done, click on recharge and a 10% bonus will be given to you.

Note: The 10% bonus will be valid for 7 days and you cannot rollover unused bonus.

How to Get 10% Airtime Bonus on MTN

Let us hear how much bonus airtime you have received via the comment below 😉


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