Cuddling is one of the best means of physical affection; it garners closeness, shows affection, and increases happiness. Many people don’t know how to cuddle and the benefits. Cuddling releases a hormone called oxytocin which reduces stress and anxiety, meaning that it increases your mental well being as well.

If you’ve strayed away from cuddling or aren’t sure what the best moves to use are, worry no more! Cuddling is easy and fun with a little know-how.


You’re about to be held down in a hug for quite some time, so make sure that you’re comfortable first. If you plan on doing some long-term cuddling during a movie or before bed, change into comfortable clothes or grab a cozy blanket.

Although you might be resting on the other person, having a pillow present might be a good idea too.


The PG kind; rub your partner’s back, legs, or arms in a sensitive and endearing fashion. This may or may not be the same as light massage.

The goal here is to make the other person comfortable and interested in further cuddling with you. When you have transitioned into true “cuddling,” you may choose to continue the light rubbing to prolong the positive feelings you both get from it.


  1. Go with the classic, and spoon.

The most traditional of all cuddling positions, spooning is popular for a reason: it’s great! Spooning consists of a “big” and “little” spoon, where both partners lay on their sides tucked into each other. The big spoon is the one in the back, and often drapes their arm over the torso of the little spoon.

  1. Try out the half-spoon.

Nearly as classic as a complete spoon, the half-spoon is accomplished with one person laying on their back and the other facing them, laying on their side.

The person on their side will likely rest their head on the other’s chest. Intertwine your legs for an even more intimate cuddling session.

  1. LAYER UP.

Best for cuddling in tight spaces, layer your cuddling by having the larger person lay face up. The second person can then rest face-down directly over the bottom half.

To avoid suffocation of the lower stack, the top person should stagger their body slightly downwards, so that they can turn their head to the side and rest it on the bottom half’s chest.

  1. Lay your head in their lap.

This cuddling move is great for when you want to talk and makes maintaining eye contact easier.

Have one person sit up, while the other lays down perpendicularly to them with their head resting in their lap.

This gives the person sitting up a great opportunity to play with their partners hair or sweetly stroke their face and nipples.

  1. Try the star-gazer.

You know, you and your partner are out camping and therefore want to cuddle but both need to see the sky. Lay on your backs next to each other and wrap your legs together.

If you don’t mind a dead arm, one of you can slip their arm under the neck of the other person in a half-embrace. You can also hold hands over your torsos or in the space between your bodies.

Contrary to the name, this can be done under any circumstance, not just when stargazing.

  1. Go face to face.

One of the most romantic cuddling positions is when you lie towards each other face-to-face.

You may lie on your stomachs and turn your heads to the side, or lay on your sides – whatever works best. Increase the romantic feelings swirling around the room by holding hands in the space between your bodies.


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