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Gas Explosion: How It Started Vs How It Is Going (Picture)

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A lady on twitter with the twitter handle; @Honoure_ shared a picture of herself 3 years ago when she had a gas explosion while she was cooking and a picture of her current self – 3 years after the gas explosion.

She tweeted;

How it started How it’s going

3years after gas exploded while I was cooking.

I’m forever grateful God.

% Gas Explosion: How It Started Vs How It Is Going (Picture)% Gas Explosion: How It Started Vs How It Is Going (Picture)

She also shared the story of what really happened to her 3 years ago

So this was how it happened for those asking:
On January 20th 2018, I was baking with a friend. She just got a handmade oven which was connected to a gas cylinder both the oven and cylinder was outside the house.

I went inside for some minutes and came back only to notice that the fire went off but the gas was still on so I put it off. After some minutes I decided to put it back on and all I heard was pao pao (everywhere plutomania lol).

My friends immediately tried to apply palm oil and flour to try and reduce the impact of the explosion. I was later taken to the hospital that was like 45mins away from my hostel.

I spent 2weeks+ in the hospital taking drugs, and getting rubbed with orisirisi. I had friends and course mates all around , I had to keep smiling so most of them won’t drown me with tears 🤣🤣

Thanks to everyone who helped me out then especially Dr Elabo, a school staff staying in same compound with us then that took us to the hospital in a rush.

And to all the Doctors and nurses who treated me then too(cause I don’t know most of their names) I’m so grateful.

Twitter users reacted to her tweet, read some of the reactions below;

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