For OAU Students: Places off-campus where you can get 24/7 electricity supply

There are a few places off-campus where you can get 24/7 supply of electricity. It is not a must you stay on campus before you can enjoy 24/7 supply of electricity. In this post I will tell you the places offcampus you can also enjoy 24/7 electricity supply as an OAU students.

1. Maintenance hostels

Maintenance is the first place that will come to every OAU student mind when you are talking about 24/7 supply of electricity. Maintenance is known to also be using the same supply of electricity OAU campus is using, therefore if there is light on campus, surely, maintenance will have light.

2. Jolly/Rectars hostels

Jolly and Rectars are opposite Maintenance and they also make use of 24/7 supply of electricity. Jolly and Rectars don’t use the same electricity supply as that of campus, they have their own dedicated transformer. Note Rectars is located beside Jolly and therefore they share the same transformer.

3. Don Love hostel

Don Love hostels is located after Omisore house, opposite Mercy hostel, Don Love hostel also enjoy the luxury of 24/7 electricity supply with their dedicated transformer.

4. Beams hostels

Beams hostel is located inside Oduduwa estate, just close to Oduduwa gate, Beams have their dedicated transformer and yes they also enjoy 24/7 supply of electricity.

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5. Fine Touch hostels

Fine Touch hostels is one of the most popular hostels when you are talking about hostels that uses 24/7 light. Fine Touch is also located in Oduduwa estate.

6. White house hostels

White house is located just opposite Fine Touch. White house is also sharing the dedicated transformer Fine Touch is using.

7. Cooperative hostels

Cooperative hostel is located along ede road, cooperative hostels, like maintenance hostels also make use of campus light.

8. Damico hostels

Damico is located after Oduduwa estate. Majority of the hostels located in Damico uses 24/7 electricity supply. Damico is another place you can go to if you are not a fan of Oduduwa estate.

There are some hostels in Oduduwa estate that we didn’t mention like the hostel opposite Senator Omisore’s house, the one behind Jolly/Rectars etc. also uses 24/7 electricity supply. This feature can only be found in hostels in Oduduwa estate and Damico and the ones that are sharing OAU electricity supply (Maintenance and Cooperative)

But note the money to acquire such hostels is expensive, you need to budget nothing less than #200,000 before you can get such an hostel with 24/7 light feature.

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