Faculties with the most beautiful ladies in OAU

There are about 13 faculties, 82 departments and 2 colleges (College of Health sciences and the Postgraduate College) in Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU. Out of all these faculties, there are some faculties that have the most beautiful girls.

Note, this list is based on the majority of the number girls that are beautiful and that can be found in that faculty. Your faculty might have the most beautiful lady, or the endowed ladies that are not even close to beautiful on campus, this list isn’t based on that, it is base on; how many beautiful girls and endowed ladies that are also beautiful that are in that faculty. Hope you understand now?

Since the clarification has been made, let’s us move on now….

Below is the list of faculties with the most beautiful ladies in OAU;

Faculty of Art

Faculty of Art is one of the faculties with the largest population in OAU, they don’t only boast of being one of the largest, they also boast of having the ladies with pretty faces, and the endowed ones that are also beautiful. Faculty of art has a lot of department in it, but the department I will like you to focus on is department of English, damn, some of those ladies are good to go, but mind you some may be proud and some may be after your money so watch out folks.

Faculty of Administration

Faculty of administration is the second in my list even though they have few department, I guess the management decided to be bias when they were giving admission by admitting ladies that are beautiful in that department.

Faculty of Pharmacy

In as much as faculty of pharmacy or let me say the department of pharmacy has been regarded as the most stressful department in OAU after department of Geology, yet the department has a lot of ladies that are beautiful upon how stressful the faculty might be.

Faculty of Science

Faculty of science has a lot of departments in its and yet beautiful ladies are also present in those department, if you looking for ladies in any of the department in that faculty, quickly go and grab your copy now before it is too late 😉.

Faculty of Basic Medical sciences

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences or BMS has a lot of departments but two are commonly known; Nursing department and Medical Rehabilitation. Nursing department has a lot of ladies, trust me the ratio of ladies to guys in that department is just hilarious, but Faculty of BMS ladies are also know for their beauty but I know a lot of guys prefer going for the nursing babes than that of Med. rehab. well probably Nursing has a lot of ladies compared to that of Med. Rehab. but still those two department consist of beautiful ladies.

Faculty of Law

We can’t complete the list without mentioning faculty of law. Faculty of law has a lot of endowed ladies that are beautiful and yes, thick as well, 😁, you may get use to their uniform (black and white) but still that everyday uniform doesn’t outshine the ones that are beautiful.

Faculty of Clinical sciences

I hate to admit it that Faculty of clinical sciences (medicine) has beautiful ladies, yes some of the ladies may not be endowed has the ones in other faculties but yes the have the number as well when it comes to having beautiful ladies in the department. Just like English department ladies, if you don’t have the money, don’t go near the ladies in the department of medicine before the start diagnosing your condition; mentally and physically 😀.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying all the ladies in these faculties that are mentioned here are all pretty or endowed and beautiful, not at all. However, if you are looking for a faculty to go and your eyes and brain will be filled with pretty faces, endowment with beauty then these faculties are your best bet

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